Pennsylvania Gun Penalty Enhancements

Gun charges can lead to significant penalties upon conviction. In many cases, there may be aggravating factors that could increase the severity of the penalties a convicted person may receive. If you were accused of committing a gun-related offense, it may be important to consider how Pennsylvania gun penalty enhancements could impact your case. Contact an experienced gun lawyer who could review the factors surrounding your arrest and work to develop a credible legal defense. Call today and schedule an appointment to begin discussing potential legal options.

Common Characteristics of a Gun-Related Penalty Enhancement

Pennsylvania gun penalty enhancements generally apply when certain things occur during the commission of a serious crime, such as a felony. Penalties for mere possession of a deadly weapon at the time of the commission of a serious felony could add between 12 and 24 months of incarceration to any sentence. That is in addition to any potential sentence the individual is serving for the underlying crime.

Additionally, when a deadly weapon is used during the commission, such as a firearm being fired or a knife or other blunt object causing damage to other individuals, sentences could be increased as much as 48 to 54 months. This enhancement is typically in addition to any other sentence that a person initially faces for the underlying criminal felony. In summary, when dealing with a penalty enhancement and a serious bodily injury or dangerous weapon offense, individuals may face anywhere from one year to five years of additional time in prison.

Examples of Penalty Enhancements

Some of the most common examples of enhancements for crimes involving firearms include burglary, aggravated assault, or shootings that are charged as attempted murder. Burglary is an example of an offense that frequently receives enhancements. If an individual allegedly enters the premises of another with the intent to commit a crime and is caught in possession with a firearm, they could be given an enhancement upon conviction. Additionally, should an individual enter the premises of another with a firearm and the firearm is used or goes off, the individual faces up to five years of additional penalty enhancements for the use of a firearm while committing a serious felony in the first degree, such as burglary.

Impact of Unregistered Firearms

When dealing with crimes involving Pennsylvania gun penalty enhancements, whether a firearm is registered or not typically has no bearing on the case. As long as, the prosecution is able to prove that a serious felony crime has occurred and during such felony crime, the individual possessed or used a firearm, that accused individual could face significant penalty enhancements.

Furthermore, it is not an issue of whether or not the firearm is registered, has an obliterated serial number, or has any mechanical issues with the firearm. Penalty enhancements come into play when a serious weapon, such as a firearm, is possessed or used during the commission of a serious felony in Pennsylvania.

Contact an Adept Lawyer to Defend Against Firearm Penalty Enhancements in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania gun penalty enhancements can have a lasting effect on a person’s case. If you or a family member were accused of committing a firearm-related offense, contact an aggressive gun lawyer who understands the impact of penalty enhancements for gun cases. They could examine the circumstances surrounding your case and help build a strategic legal defense. Call now and arrange for an appointment to start discussing your potential legal solutions.