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License Following a First-Offense DUI in Montgomery County

One of the penalties of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is license suspension. After a first-time DUI charge, the license is not necessarily suspended, although Penn DOT knows the individual has a pending case. Penn DOT works closely with the criminal courts and is aware of the progress of a case. If the person did not refuse to test for the presence of drugs or alcohol, their driver’s license is not in suspension status. Penn DOT that controls the licensing is aware when the charge turns into a conviction, and they change the person’s license status based on the conviction and sends them notice.

If you have been accused of driving under the influence, reach out to a skilled first-offense DUI attorney. They could explain the process of what happens to your license following a first-offense DUI in Montgomery County.

Challenging The License Suspension

After conviction, if the charge subsection requires suspension, the person’s license is suspended for 12 months. After a first DUI conviction, the suspension begins at the point of conviction. Suspension is not put in place for a low amount of alcohol, but it is for drugs or a medium to high amount of alcohol in one’s system.

A person may challenge the suspension based on the status of their case. When a case is appealed or overturned, that is cause for challenging the suspension. Additionally, if an individual’s license is suspended based on their refusal to test, and they want to advocate that they did not refuse. They can take the paperwork from their criminal case and use it to show that they did not refuse the test. If the conviction is valid and a person is convicted of DUI medium amount of alcohol or drugs, their license suspension is valid for an entire year.

Mistakes To Avoid

The biggest mistake for a first-time DUI defendant is not consulting with a lawyer to determine the seriousness of their case, the collateral effects, and the impact on their driver’s license for a criminal conviction. Jail time is associated with all DUIs offenses. The person should know that they face jail time for a first DUI or their first-time being arrested for that reason. They need to take the situation seriously and hire a lawyer as soon as possible if they are sincere about preparing their defense. One needs to get personalized legal advice as soon as possible when they face a DUI charge.

How a First-Offense DUI Attorney Could Help

One of the benefits of having a DUI attorney is having an advocate who understands the local rules, laws, the courthouse procedures, and what to expect as far as the DUI prosecution. They are familiar with how the local prosecutors pursue the case and what they look for in the outcome. A lawyer familiar with Montgomery County has knowledge and foresight about what each party did in the past indicates what they might do in the future. This is helpful for the defendant who is facing a first offense and may not know what to expect.

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