Pennsylvania Shoplifting Lawyer

Being charged with shoplifting can be a frightening experience for anyone facing such charges. A guilty plea or conviction could result in a possible term of imprisonment or other penalties A Pennsylvania shoplifting lawyer could assist you with your case by preparing a defense to the charges and fighting to help you obtain the best outcome possible.

Trying to fight shoplifting charges on your own can be overwhelming. You need to be able to navigate the legal system, while also determining the best strategy for defending yourself. Rather than attempt to fight the charges by yourself, allow a skilled attorney for shoplifting to be your advocate and help you fight the charges.

How an Attorney for Shoplifting Could Help

There are several ways in which a Pennsylvania attorney for shoplifting could provide assistance to individuals facing charges of shoplifting. An attorney could explain the charges against a person, answer specific questions, and provide legal guidance. A shoplifting attorney could also provide legal representation, prepare an appropriate defense to the charges, and fight for an optimal legal resolution.

Laws on Shoplifting Offenses

Shoplifting involves the theft of goods or merchandise being sold by a retailer or vendor. Theft and related offenses are described in Chapter 39 of Title 18 in the Pennsylvania statutes. In the statutes, the offense of shoplifting is referred to as retail theft, and includes any of the following acts:

  • Intentionally taking merchandise offered for sale by a store or retail establishment without paying for it
  • Altering price tags in an attempt to purchase merchandise at a price lower than the store’s retail price
  • Removing merchandise from its original packaging and placing it in another container in order to purchase the item for less than its retail price
  • Removing, destroying, or tampering with security tags in an attempt to steal merchandise undetected

Shoplifting and retail theft offenses are not limited to presumed customers only. It is also considered retail theft for a cashier to intentionally under-ring merchandise, which occurs when a cashier rings merchandise up at a price that is lower than the store’s retail price. A Pennsylvania shoplifting lawyer could explain shoplifting and retail theft laws in more detail.

Potential Legal Penalties for Shoplifting

The legal penalties for shoplifting in Pennsylvania vary depending on whether the offense was charged as a misdemeanor or felony. There are also different degrees of misdemeanor and felony offenses, with some degrees being more serious with harsher penalties. First-degree felony offenses are considered to be the most serious type of shoplifting offense and carry the most severe penalty.

The legal penalties for convictions of first, second, or third-degree misdemeanor offenses include a definite term of imprisonment of five, two, or one year, respectively. The penalties for convictions of first, second, or third-degree felony offenses include a term of imprisonment of up to 20, ten, or seven years, respectively.

A shoplifting lawyer in Pennsylvania could answer questions regarding the possible penalties associated with the specific shoplifting charges a person is facing.

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Facing shoplifting charges can be frightening. Attempting to fight those charges on your own can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you do not have to face charges of shoplifting alone.

An attorney for shoplifting in Pennsylvania could help you fight the charges. An attorney could be your advocate and fight to obtain the best possible legal outcome. Contact a Pennsylvania shoplifting lawyer today.