What to Expect From Philadelphia Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence includes assault, theft, sexual offenses, and other crimes that happen between family members, dating partners, former romantic partners in the same household, and roommates. When people live together and a crime is committed, the cases are generally handled by a different prosecuting unit called the family violence unit of the District Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia.

The police are directed to make arrests when they have probable cause to believe a domestic incident took place. These cases are heard in specific domestic violence courtrooms in the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia. For more information about what to expect from Philadelphia domestic violence charges and how a legal professional could help, reach out to a seasoned lawyer.

Domestic Violence Investigations and Charges

When someone some is accused of domestic violence, they can expect to undergo an investigation by law enforcement where the alleged victim is asked to make a statement to detectives. The alleged victim will likely be called by prosecutors later for further questions about the incident. If the prosecution decides to move forward with the case, the accused will need to defend themselves against the allegations.

If charged with domestic violence, one can expect to be arrested and processed by the police. The person will either be arrested by a request to turn themselves in on a warrant or they will be arrested at the scene of the incident. Once arrested, the individual should expect charges to be filed against them. The charges could include severe penalties and could impact one’s life long term. Domestic violence crimes carry possible jail time, significant fines, and probation.

If facing these charges, the person will have to go for either a preliminary hearing for felony charges or a misdemeanor trial. These cases are serious, which is why it is crucial for defendants to obtain an accomplished defense lawyer.

How a Person’s Life May Change After a Domestic Violence Accusation

When someone is accused of domestic violence, their life can change dramatically in many ways. First, a defendant will have to appear for court dates and there will be public testimony about the alleged abuse. There is reputational damage for a person associated with accusations for assaulting their partner, roommate, or family member. Damage in reputation can be difficult to undo as even a withdrawn case or verdict in the defendant’s favor may not completely erase the incident from the discussion in the community. Also, a person can lose their civil rights such as the ability to own a firearm if charged with domestic assault. If a person is in the country on a visa, a domestic abuse charge can lead to immigration consequences. Family court proceedings could be halted or affected by an allegation of domestic violence. A person faced with domestic violence could also have a protective order placed against them.

Call a Philadelphia Lawyer About What to Expect From Domestic Violence Charges

If you are facing domestic violence charges, it is crucial that you understand what may happen next. To learn more about what to expect from Philadelphia domestic violence charges and how an attorney could help, call today.