Philadelphia Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Some of the major points that everyone should know regarding marijuana possession is that even if the matter is a citation it could affect your driving privileges and show up on one’s criminal record depending on their job. It is important that an individual take all the possible implications currently or in the future into consideration before the person decides what avenue to take in defending their Philadelphia marijuana possession case.

Should the person apply for a federal agency job in the future, a college student, for instance, would be even barred from applying for such a job because of the conviction for marijuana use, which the person may at the time had not thought anything of and just went ahead and paid the mandatory minimum fine.

It is important and crucial that a person take it seriously and important and crucial for a person to seek out the advice of an experienced Philadelphia marijuana possession lawyer so that all avenues in the criminal justice system and outside that system can be reviewed and the right decision can be made in defending the case. To discuss your case call and schedule a consultation with a Philadelphia drug lawyer today.

Defense Strategies in Marijuana Possession Cases

Defending marijuana possession cases often involves nothing more than measuring the amount or personal use that a person subjects themselves to involving marijuana. For instance if a person is in possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana, there is an inference that a person is using it for their own personal use or at least may use it for their own personal use.

However, if the person is in possession of a pound of marijuana in all likelihood the court will charge that as a felony offense possession with intent to deliver and will be treated much more seriously. It is highly unlikely that an individual, even with the use of drug experts for the defense, can justify 1 pound of marijuana. However, with a Philadelphia marijuana possession lawyer with experience in these cases even large amounts of marijuana can be broken down and simply treated as simple possession.

Penalties and Long-Term Implications of Marijuana Convictions

The greatest long-term implication of a marijuana conviction for a person is a getting a criminal record for an illegal drug. Having a drug record regardless of the controlled substance in a person’s past simply affects their entire life. It affects their livelihood and ability to work certain jobs, often prevents them from working in schools, in hospitals as drivers.

It often affects the person’s CDL should they be a licensed driver and it certainly affects the person’s driving privileges and/or drivers license. The most imperative thing that we’re dealing with is the consequences of even a small amount of marijuana. The consequences could be such that if not handled correctly or if the person decides I’m just going to pay the citation can affect them for a decade or more to come and with that problem, there is no reason not seek out the assistance of an experienced Philadelphia marijuana possession lawyer to help you make the right choice so that 10 years or a decade later you’re still not being affected by that small possession case you had when you’re a lot younger.

A Philadelphia Marijuana Possession Lawyer Can Help

If you are facing marijuana possession charges in Philadelphia, it is important to seek experienced legal counsel. A Philadelphia marijuana lawyer can help explain the charges you are facing and how you can prepare for your case. Most importantly, a marijuana possession attorney in Philadelphia can explain the options that may be available to you in your case.