Marijuana Possession Charges in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, marijuana is treated differently than other controlled substances up to 30 grams. In cases involving 30 grams or less, marijuana is often treated as not much more than a citation-able offense. That means a law enforcement officer is allowed, if he or she feels it’s appropriate, to issue a citation and/or ticket, summary ticket, noncriminal citation for the possession of a small amount of marijuana. However, as the amount of marijuana goes up, it gets treated much more seriously. If an individual has 1 pound of marijuana that 1 pound of marijuana can be charged in a way that incarceration can come into play.

While marijuana is being treated in a softer fashion in most American cities, it is still very important to seek out the advice of an experienced Philadelphia marijuana defense attorney. Only then can all your options be brought forward and only then can you protect that which is most essential in all of our lives; our record. Because even a citation-able offense can have an adverse impact up a person’s record affecting their livelihood and in some cases their ability to drive or driving license privileges all together.

Process of a Marijuana Possession Case in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, a person doesn’t have the right to have an immediate jury trial for marijuana possession offenses. A person would initially start in the Philadelphia Municipal Court with a bench trial and/or judge trial. At that level, a judge would make a determination of whether to charge you with possession, which is a misdemeanor, or possession with intent to deliver, which is a felony. Judges follow guidelines and while the guidelines from some marijuana offenses are lower than other controlled substances, for repeat offenders incarceration is never off the table. Before an individual asks for a trial in Philadelphia and puts all their cards on the table, seeking out the assistance of an experienced Philadelphia drug possession lawyer is crucial. With the right advice and the right experience on your side, your future and your immediate impact can really be minimalized.

Marijuana Laws in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is following along with other major cities in decriminalizing the use of a small amount of marijuana. However the fact that an individual uses a small amount of marijuana can still affect the individual’s ability to drive a motor vehicle which often leads to driving under the influence charge, or affect the person’s ability to monitor or watch their children which can often lead to an endangering the welfare of a child charge.

A lot of other crimes can still be derived from the use of marijuana. Now while the city is following the national trend to in some ways decriminalize possession of a small amount of marijuana used by an individual, it’s still at the discretion of the police whether to charge it as a misdemeanor or a citationable offense. Therefore, seeking out the assistance of an experienced Philadelphia marijuana defense attorney is always to the advantage of the accused.