DUI Cases in Philadelphia

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Are DUI Cases a Main Area of Focus For Officers in Philadelphia?

There are specific officers located on large highways and throughout the city in specific areas targeting only DUIs. For instance, DUI checkpoints are more prevalent in heavily traveled roads and DUI officers are more likely assigned to interstate highways where many drivers are often observed either by camera or through police observation in order to make a determination whether there’s reasonable suspicion or probable cause to make a stop of the vehicle based on the suspicion of DUI.

As a result, DUI officers focus specifically on DUIs and try their best to look for factors that can indicate a person is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics at the time of driving.

Philadelphia Roads Where DUIs Are Common

Large highways, main thoroughfares, and locations governed by state police officers which consist of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 76 are major focus for DUIs and DUI observations which often lead to arrest. It’s in these areas that the police focus most of their resources in attempting to track down individuals who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Philadelphia DUI Roadblocks

DUI roadblocks are common in the city of Philadelphia as well as surrounding counties. On the main highways and thoroughfares as well as main roads, DUI checkpoints are often used on holiday weekends and are often published in specific targeted areas.

The Philadelphia Police Department as well as police departments in local counties surrounding Philadelphia use general statistics of accidents and DUI-related deaths in order to determine what location is being used at a particular time. An experienced trial attorney will know when to challenge a DUI checkpoint as there must be a safe route around one and a person is entitled to be given an escape route to such.

A qualified and experienced DUI attorney has the ability and knowledge to challenge a checkpoint and as such can challenge whether the stop of an individual was proper from the beginning. This could lead to the dismissal of charges even before a case gets to trial.

How are DUI Cases Handled in Philadelphia?

DUI cases in Philadelphia are handled in specific DUI assigned courtrooms. DUIs are treated harshly and prepared well by prosecutors. Judges are specifically trained to hear these cases and Commonwealth experts are available at all court hearings.

On the other hand, experienced legal counsel will also be aware of what defenses work and how to succeed in a very hostile environment.

How are DUI Cases Treated in Philadelphia?

DUI’s are most prevalent in Philadelphia, but also exist in surrounding counties. While most officers receive some training in DUI arrest, most are not experts. As such, an attorney experienced in handling DUI cases can make a big difference. By challenging local officers and their observations and attacking them with defense experts that are more qualified, an accused has a fighting chance of success.

Prosecution of DUIs in Philadelphia

DUIs are prosecuted very intensely by the Commonwealth. They are taken very serious especially after a second or third potential arrest for DUI. As such, an experienced trial attorney with experience specifically in the defense of driving under the influence is a necessity in order to avoid lengthy jail sentences, license suspensions and large fines.