What Should I Expect From My Philadelphia DUI Case?

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What Should Someone Expect From the Philadelphia Court System?

An individual with a traffic violation or driving under the influence charge should expect the court system that is set up to deal with a large volume of cases on a daily basis. Without an experienced attorney, a person is often lost in the shuffle and can certainly be given advice which has adverse the person’s driving record and/or cause a criminal conviction.

So, it’s important to have an experienced attorney at all levels of court whether in Philadelphia or surrounding counties in order to maneuver properly and to get the best results for your particular case.

How Do Judges in Philadelphia View DUI Cases?

The judges in Philadelphia, the specific ones assigned to DUIs view them in a very harsh manner specifically second and third DUI violations are treated with jail sentences, mandatory ignition lock systems, mandatory counseling, and mandatory court cost and fine.

Philadelphia in particular takes DUIs to the most extreme level given the protection that a city has to offer. For instance, in Philadelphia, a DUI is often treated as a second or third offense even on a first offense if an individual chooses to go to trial.

So, it’s important to get the right advice from the right lawyer experienced in that field to make the best decision so that an individual is not punished any more harshly because of poor decisions by an attorney.

How Do Prosecutors Prosecute DUI Cases?

Prosecutors use all their resources available specifically to their office, the state police, and local police agencies to prosecute their DUI cases. They often seek and use alcohol and drug experts to determine whether a person was operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or controlled substances or drugs.

The commonwealth has multiple officer units trained specifically to administer DUI tests. In addition, police officers are trained in the use of sobriety methods and sobriety equipment and machinery in order to obtain DUI results.

Additionally, technicians draw blood from the local hospitals and the police administration building in order to obtain evidence and proving that an individual is over the legal limit.

Why is it Important to Have An Attorney With Experience Defending DUI Charges in Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia, it’s extremely important to have an attorney who’s well-versed and experienced in defending and trying DUI cases. Merely pleading guilty is not enough. You need an attorney that has tried thousands of cases, has cross-examined hundreds of officers and has challenged evidence obtained in DUI cases on many occasions.

From the point a person’s vehicle is stopped on the road to the point a person is subject to field sobriety test and blood is drawn, an experienced attorney has the ability to challenge the stop and ultimately the conviction or and/or arrest of an individual charged with driving under the influence.

Having an experienced attorney is the difference between being able to fully understand and successfully work within a system that is set up to deal with volume or to fall somehow out of the pack of individuals and stand alone and not be assured of a result or not receive a good result when being charged with DUI.