Philadelphia DUI Drug Enforcement

Although alcohol is most frequently associated with DUI charges, in Philadelphia and throughout the rest of Pennsylvania drugs can also lead to DUI charges. Below, a Philadelphia DUI drug lawyer discusses the enforcement of these specific charges and how they differ from regular alcohol related DUI charges. For more on these types of charges or to begin building a defense for your case, call and schedule a consultation today.

Are DUI Drug Cases A Priority in Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia, drug DUI cases are a priority in the same way that drug cases in general are a priority. For instance, most of the courts in the commonwealth, specifically Philadelphia, feel that if these controlled substances were illegal substances and that individuals are taking those substances, this often can lead to the commission of other nuisance crimes which attack the civility of the city itself. For example, if a person uses a controlled substance or an illegal substance that same person often is involved in perhaps a theft of a motor vehicle, operating such a motor vehicle unsafe on the roads of Philadelphia and even assault, the behavior of this individual is not accepted in a civil fashion in the city of Philadelphia.

Therefore, when it comes to drug DUIs, the Courts find that not only is a drug offense being committed but a driving under the influence offense is also being committed. Therefore, a person is often looked at as if two crimes have been broken and as such the penalties are stiffer and the license suspensions are longer.

Therefore, it’s imperative if you have such a case, you should seek out an experienced Philadelphia narcotics DUI lawyer. Only then can you be given all the avenues that are available to you to prevent a conviction or prevent lengthy jail sentences and lengthy license suspensions.

How Are DUID Charges Enforced Compared to Regular DUI Charges?

In Philadelphia law enforcement officers treat DUIs whether under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs or overdosing on prescription drugs in the same fashion. The behavior itself of operating a motor vehicle unsafely on the roads of Philadelphia is what the police officers focus on.

The fact that it’s just alcohol is not treated any better than it if were crack, cocaine, PCP or heroin in a person’s system. Therefore it’s important that under all circumstances whether it be alcohol, illegal drugs or overdosing on prescription drugs that a person seek out the assistance of an experienced Philadelphia DUI attorney.

Only then can a person weigh all of their options available to them and make a determination on whether or not the court will accept the arguments put forth by their counsel or whether or not a person should be looking for a resolution in a non-trial fashion such as a diversionary program. It’s only with the use of an experienced Philadelphia DUI attorney can all these options become available.