Defending First Time DUI Cases in Philadelphia

As a Philadelphia DUI defense attorney with nearly 20 years of experience defending first-time DUI cases, I find it imperative to counsel a first-time DUI arrestee from the start. Information and experience is at the forefront. Knowing how to solve problems that may affect a person’s admission to the ARD program or what blood/breath results to challenge is really determined by the specific facts of your case.

However, mounting a defense and challenging probable cause to stop and search has won my office hundreds of acquittals throughout the years. The ability to challenge the chain of custody of blood evidence or specific check-point stops on constitutionality grounds requires the specific knowledge of an experienced Philadelphia first DUI attorney.

Pointing a case in the right direction takes the stress off a client and allows my office to properly evaluate the circumstances of a specific DUI arrest and then choose the right path to follow in defending against a conviction.

What Factors Do Lawyers Consider?

When building a defense my office considers factors such as:

  • Whether an arrest or initial stop for DUI was lawful.
  • If the arresting law enforcement officer followed department DUI protocol.
  • Whether constitutional grounds were violated.
  • Whether the blood/breath tests were taken in a timely and proper fashion.
  • If an accused person received their Miranda warnings.

This is in addition to any issues involving the specifics of an individual’s DUI stop, which can be examined and if necessary attacked from the defense perspective.

What Evidence Does A Lawyer Look For?

In defending first-time DUI offenses my office looks for any detail that can be challenged first on a constitutional level (did the police follow the rules) and second on a credibility level (did the police tell the truth). Only after a thorough review of the specific details of an arrest can real progress be made.  There are hundreds of legal defense’s available for a first-time DUI charge in Philadelphia and having the right lawyer on your side gives you the advantage of using a variety of proven trial  techniques to fight your DUI case.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in First DUI Cases

The most important thing to do when faced with a first-time DUI arrest in Philadelphia is to seek the advice of a proven and experienced Philadelphia first DUI Attorney. Not seeking such advice is the biggest mistake an accused can make.

A first-time DUI can be very serious to a person’s liberty, livelihood and future. Making a mistake is not an option. So seeking the proper services from the right attorney leads to preparing the proper DUI defense and can pave the way to saving your future. Local knowledge, experience and resources can save your life. Call today.