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Legally Purchasing Ammunition for Guns in Philadelphia

Individuals who are rightfully allowed to have firearms in the city and County of Philadelphia can also have ammunition that complies with all federal and state laws involving the firearms that the individual has a permit to carry. Additionally, all ammunition that is listed as legal and in compliance with the federal government is allowed in Pennsylvania. As long as the person is legally in possession of their own firearms and has a license to carry such firearms, all ammunition is legal which corresponds with those firearms.

If you have questions about legally purchasing ammunition for guns in Philadelphia, or you are accused of a gun crime, contact a dedicated defense attorney as soon as possible. Firearm offenses carry serious penalties in Philadelphia, but a skilled lawyer could help protect your rights.

Tracking Ammunition Sales

For the most part, there is no mechanism in Pennsylvania, inclusive of the city and county of Philadelphia, to track weapons and ammunition that is purchased by an individual. However, individuals must purchase most of the ammunition at legally registered firearms compliance shops. These are stores that sell firearms and the various allowable ammunitions. If an individual purchases an extremely large amount of ammunition in any one given time period, the federal government often may make a review or check.

Transporting Firearms and Ammunition

For individuals who own firearms but do not have a license to carry, the firearms and the corresponding ammunition can be held legally in the home or place of employment. When individuals transport the firearms and ammunition back and forth from those locations or a firing range, they must have the firearm separately secured and empty of the ammunition. The ammunition must be secured apart from the firearm in another location during the transport.

In most cases, legal transport involves keeping the firearm in the interior of the vehicle in its assigned case and the ammunition in the trunk area of the vehicle and carried within its own packaging. Individuals who have a concealed carry permit can have the firearm with the ammunition inside of the firearm at all times. It is only with the additional license to carry permit that the individual has the right to have the ammunition during transport or possession within the firearm itself.

Ask a Philadelphia Attorney About Purchasing Ammunition

If you have questions or concerns about legally purchasing ammunition for guns in Philadelphia, consult with an experienced attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer could fully explain the applicable rules and regulations and help ensure you comply with the law. If you face gun charges, an attorney could carefully scrutinize the evidence against you and help build a defense.

Philadelphia authorities take firearms offenses extremely seriously, and you should not risk handling your case alone. Let a veteran criminal defense attorney be your advocate in and out of court. Call today to schedule a consultation.