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Philadelphia Unlawfully Traveling with Ammunition Charges

Firearm-related charges are typically viewed as serious offenses. As a result, Philadelphia unlawfully traveling with ammunition charges may seem extremely daunting. Someone who is facing such charges should immediately contact a dedicated gun lawyer. They could evaluate the circumstances and factors of the alleged incident and work to fight the charges. It is generally important to refrain from speaking to law enforcement or a prosecutor prior to meeting with a defense attorney. Any statements that a person makes could be used against them in future court procedures. Reach out and schedule an appointment to begin building a successful legal strategy.

Understanding the Severity of the Charges

While the transport of the ammunition generally is not a crime in Pennsylvania, it may be considered a criminal offense when related to other charges such as a violation of the Uniform Firearms Act. In the city, charges under the Uniform Firearms Act, section 6106 are graded as felonies of the third-degree. If an individual carried the firearm without a requisite carry permit or concealment permit in the city and county of Philadelphia or the firearm was not being carried in compliance with regulations and lawful ownership, the individual may face up to three and a half to seven years of incarceration along with a $15,000 fine.

If an individual commits the same act outside of the city and county of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania typically holds them to a violation of the Uniform Firearms Act under section 6108. This offense generally is charged as a misdemeanor of the first-degree. In those cases, an individual may face two and a half to five years in prison, plus a $10,000 fine.

Should an individual be otherwise ineligible because of a prior record, a mental health facility placement, a drug and alcohol facility placement, and any other means under Pennsylvania law that makes them unauthorized to have a firearm, they could be charged with violating the Uniform Firearms Act under section 6105. This type of violation could be graded as a felony of the first-degree, which may carry as much as 10 years in jail and a $25,000 fine. In some cases, it could also be charged as a felony of the second-degree and include a potential jail sentence of 10 years and a fine of $25,000.

Diversion Programs

Depending upon certain factors a person may be eligible to pursue a diversion program instead of potential jail time. However, a person who has a criminal record or a history of similar misconduct to the alleged offense may be unable to enroll in such programs. Diversionary programs could significantly help protect the person’s right to carry and reduce the risk of incurring a jail sentence. Someone who is interested in a diversion program should contact a reliable gun lawyer who understands Philadelphia unlawfully traveling with ammunition charges. They could advocate on an accused person’s behalf and strive to defend them in court.

Speak with a Lawyer about Unlawfully Traveling with Ammunition Charges in Philadelphia

A person facing ammunition or gun-related charges should not hesitate to consult an attorney who is well-practiced in defending such cases. While a person may not initially think Philadelphia unlawfully traveling with ammunition charges could incur significant legal penalties, the ramifications for such a conviction could be devastating. An experienced lawyer could work tirelessly to protect a person’s rights and establish a credible defense against the charges. Call and set up an appointment to discuss potential legal strategies that may be available to you.