Philadelphia Gun Laws

Philadelphia gun laws are among the strictest in the United States. Guns are deemed to be serious offenses in the City and County of Philadelphia. Prosecutors with millions of dollars of resources in prosecuting such cases every year have the help of experienced police officers and courts that often impose maximum sentences for gun offenses, even for first-time offenders.

If you are dealing with allegations of gun offenses in the City and County of Philadelphia, you should reach out to an experienced Philadelphia gun attorney. Understanding the system, how cases are prosecuted, and how courts deal with them is essential. Without these elements behind you, you could face significant jail time for even first-time offenses involving a violation of the Uniform Firearms Act.

Penalties for Violating Gun Laws

A license to carry is required in the City and County of Philadelphia under all circumstances. Outside of suburban areas, individuals may have the right to carry a non-concealed firearm if they have a license to carry.

Should a person not abide by the local ordinances and laws of Philadelphia, they could be subject to a conviction as high as a felony of the third degree. The potential penalties for a third-degree felony are three and one-half to seven years in jail and a $15,000 fine.

Depending on the circumstances, violating a gun law could be as low as a misdemeanor of the first degree, carrying two and a half to five years in jail and a $5,000 fine. In either case, a conviction could ruin the person’s reputation and take away their liberty by facing incarceration, long periods of supervision, and often permanent bans from having firearms in the future.

Firearm Violation Enforcement in Philadelphia

Recent changes in gun laws in Philadelphia have only affected the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and not particularly the City and County of Philadelphia. While gun laws seem to be to some degree treated lighter in the surrounding suburban areas, in the City and County of Philadelphia they have been treated much harsher. The laws are the same, but the enforcement and possible consequences are higher due to the way prosecutors handle these cases, the way police investigate, and the way courts sentence.

Gun cases are serious, but when dealing with major metropolitan areas the seriousness is raised ten times over. If a person is charged with a violation of a Uniform Firearms Act in the City and County of Philadelphia, it is crucial to call a lawyer. In order to put up the best defense possible and obtain the best disposition, a person should reach out and obtain the services of an experienced Philadelphia gun attorney.

Future Gun Laws

Some ways that gun laws could potentially change in the future depends on the national stage and how the pendulum swings in a particular time and/or location. In the major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, however, they may get stricter because large numbers of people live in close quarters. Gun laws are specifically enforced in the strictest of manner to prevent many firearms from being in the hands of individuals in close proximity to one another. Guns are serious, and cities treat them in the most serious of fashions.

When large numbers of people live in close proximity to one another, a firearm could cause more damage, so courts, prosecutors, and police collectively treat gun offenses in large metropolitan areas very harshly. While gun laws may be lessened in certain areas throughout Middle America, they are strengthened in large metropolitan areas, especially on the East and West Coast of the United States.

Where to Find More Information on Philadelphia Firearm Laws

For more information about firearm regulations, a person could research specific gun laws involving Philadelphia County and the City in general and seek the advice of attorneys who have practiced in the city for decades. Attorneys understand the legal definition of possessing a firearm and how the courts and prosecutors prosecute individuals for having firearms without proper licensing. Understanding the laws is one thing, but understanding how local police and judges view these crimes is essential.

Get in Touch with a Qualified Gun Lawyer

For help understanding Philadelphia gun laws, seek the services of an experienced attorney involved with gun defense. A lawyer could give advice prior to an arrest, after an arrest, and even at the time of a conviction. Under the right circumstances, mitigation could even into play.

Knowing the law is one thing; understanding it is another. It is essential that a person take full responsibility when dealing with firearms that they intend to bring into the City and County of Philadelphia. If you were accused of violating these laws, you should seek out and obtain the services, even on a consultation basis, of an experienced Philadelphia gun lawyer to ensure your rights.