Understanding Philadelphia Gun Laws

Philadelphia Gun Laws are focused typically on possession of a firearm in an unlawful manner and using the said firearm in an unlawful fashion. Straw purchases, which are firearms that are bought by a legally obtainable person for another individual who is not lawfully allowed to have said firearm, are taken very seriously. If you seek to purchase a firearm, understanding Philadelphia gun laws may be crucial if you are seeking to own a gun or are facing firearm charges. Consult a knowledgeable attorney for answers to any questions you may have.

Firearm Regulations in Philly

When guns are bought and sold during a drug trade or used during a drug deal, they may add up to seven years’ incarceration on top of any other sentence that a person is potentially facing for the drug crime.

Drug possession and transferring illegal firearms are both potential subjects of investigation in both the local and federal courts here in Philadelphia. Locally, the District Attorney’s Office has a Gun and Violence Taskforce to attack repeat offenders of gun possession charges and those who straw purchase or buy and sell firearms on the market. The ATF, FBI, and other federal agencies may also prosecute individuals who will face up to 15 years in jail for a first-time gun offense in federal court. These crimes may involve the transporting and sale of multiple firearms to different individuals who may not be authorized or otherwise allowed to have such firearms.

Individuals who are being investigated for gun crimes face may not only local and state prosecution, but also federal prosecution in the City and County of Philadelphia. Individuals facing prosecution for firearm violations should consider contacting an experienced attorney for help building a defense.

Crime in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, the fifth largest city in the United States, is comprised of Philadelphia County and the City of Philadelphia, which has a population approximately 5.5 million. Philly faces severe problems when dealing with unlawful guns and unlawful gun possession and/or transfer of firearms. When such a large number of individuals reside close to one another, firearms may become an issue.

The District Attorney’s Office has a Gun and Violence Taskforce. The federal government has agencies that deal with gun crimes, including the FBI and the ATF. The State Police, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office also focus specifically on firearms. Firearms in big cities simply must be kept under control.

When seeking to understand gun laws in Philadelphia, individuals may need to understand that there is typically no difference in the manner that firearms are dealt with in Philadelphia and other major cities. If a person does not have a license to carry a firearm, they could be a convicted felon or may be ineligible to have a firearm. It is not recommended for such individuals to have a firearm in the City or County of Philadelphia due to the potential consequences.

Recent Trends in Gun Laws

Guns and gun possession have always been an issue in large metropolitan urban areas such as the City and County of Philadelphia. To combat gun violence, gun control and gun policing have been moved to a more local level, and local police are attempting to train residents and instruct them on the law and how to have legal firearms.

Training for firearms use for legal owners has grown throughout the years. Understanding the threat of a firearm, while at the same time understanding the positive uses for such firearms, are two issues that have come to the forefront over the last three to four years in Philadelphia. Individuals who could legally own a firearm and are lawful in their use could have such guns while individuals who are otherwise ineligible to have guns and/or are involved in straw purchases may be punished harshly.

Many steps have been taken to train and educate individuals for lawfully having firearms, while at the same time train and/or punish individuals who break those same rules. Call a lawyer for help understanding Philadelphia gun laws. An attorney could provide sound legal advice or even defend you in court if necessary. Call today to schedule a consultation.