Transporting Firearms Through Philadelphia

When transporting a firearm from one location to another, an individual must recognize that the different locations from where the firearm begins and where the firearm ends up may have different laws pertaining to firearms transportation. A license that is good in one location may or may not be good in another location, so understanding particular locations in gun laws is important.

An individual transporting firearms through Philadelphia is subject to stricter regulations than in the rest of the Commonwealth. This means a responsible gun owner could potentially find themselves facing criminal charges. If this happens to you, reach out to a reputable Philadelphia gun attorney for help with your case.

Concealed Carry Permits in Philadelphia

Philadelphia County requires that all individuals who carry a firearm concealed on their person or in a vehicle have a concealed firearm permit to carry. That firearms permit to carry must be issued within the City and County of Philadelphia for the individual to carry it throughout the county. Additionally, a license to carry could also be reciprocal with the rest of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

If a license to carry a concealed weapon is obtained in another municipality throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it would be honored in the City and County of Philadelphia. However, in all other locations in Pennsylvania, it is not per se unlawful to carry a firearm s long as the firearm is not concealed. However, in Philadelphia, a city of the first class, individuals may not carry a weapon, whether concealed or not concealed, without a permit to carry. That permit to carry must be turned over to police upon request, so an individual must have it at all times.

Why are Philadelphia Gun Laws so Strict?

Because Philadelphia is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, gun laws are restrictive in this location. Gun crimes exist, and the only way that the courts and prosecutors tend to attack the gun crimes is to make licensing as difficult as possible within the City and County of Philadelphia. Understanding the laws in the City and County of Philadelphia and abiding by them could aid an individual from suffering what would be a felony offense for having a firearm in Philadelphia County without a license to carry. Additionally, all requirements throughout the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania exist in the City and County of Philadelphia.

Requirements for Transporting Firearms

Guns must be carried in a fashion consistent with the rest of the state. If being transported, firearms must be given separation between the ammunition and the firearm, ammunition should be stored separately in a lawful location such as a vehicle’s trunk, and the firearm must be carried unloaded in a case which meets the requirements of all gun statutes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Reach out to a Philadelphia Gun Attorney

Gun laws in the City and County of Philadelphia are the strictest throughout the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The City of Philadelphia is considered a city of the first class, meaning the strictest laws apply when transferring or transporting firearms from one location to another. When transporting a firearm through Philadelphia, a person must understand that merely carrying it may be against the law, even with an out-of-state or in-state permit.

If you are facing gun charges, it is important to contact an experienced attorney. They could analyze the evidence against you and fight tirelessly by your side. Call today to schedule a consultation.