Philadelphia Student Defense Lawyer

Being a student may be the most exciting part of a person’s life. It is often a young people’s first opportunity to live alone and make their own decisions. Unfortunately for them, the police and student administration may still have their eyes on the students.

Mistakes and misunderstandings in college can mean that on top of the student’s criminal record being affected, the student may also face penalties from the school disciplinary board. Students need to be extra cautious when faced with potential criminal charges. There may be long-term consequences which may affect the student’s future related to post-graduate programs and job opportunities as well as immediate effects on the student’s current situation at the university.

A Philadelphia student defense lawyer may be vital in protecting a young scholar’s future hopes and dreams. If you or a loved one is a student and has been charged with a crime, reach out to a skilled defense attorney today.

Role of a Student Defense Attorney

A college may accuse a student of violating a school’s code of conduct, ranging up to allegations of a criminal nature. An investigation by a university disciplinary board could lead to a hearing. At a disciplinary hearing, the hearing board may place negative marks on the student’s academic career, suspend or even expel the student from the university. The school may ask the student to leave student housing or the school, entirely.

A Philadelphia student defense lawyer could guide a student through the process to ensure that the student presents the proper evidence and that the school respects the student’s rights.

Besides dealing with the administrative issues, a student defense attorney in Philadelphia may also be able to help the student with any pending criminal charges as well. Scholars need to be concerned with both types of proceedings to order to protect themselves from any potential fall-out which may stop them from having the future they envisioned for themselves.

Common Student-Related Criminal Acts

People attending university are usually excited at the chance to spread their wings and experience the world and new freedom of an adult. Unfortunately, sometimes students will end up in situations where the police or school board may accuse a student of committing acts not allowed by society or the school board. Some common acts that a school administration may accuse students of doing include:

  • Underage drinking
  • Using a fake ID
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Drug possession
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Harassment
  • Sex crimes (ex: date rape)
  • Assault
  • Battery

Possible Penalties

A student needs to worry about more than just possible criminal charges. Beyond a possible conviction, jail time and fines, the school disciplinary board may also punish the student through suspension or expulsion. The college may not allow the student:

  • To participate in certain clubs or activities
  • To continue to receive scholarships
  • To attend graduate school
  • To obtain certain licensing

The student may not have a full range of job opportunities and potential employers may rescind job offers.

Enlist the Services of a Philadelphia Student Defense Attorney

College can be fun, but it can also be a necessary step in a student’s path to a bright future. Any threat to that future must be forcefully fought against. The aftermath of any accusation could be twofold for the scholar: they must deal with the university disciplinary board and the criminal justice system. You may find an attorney experienced with both to be vital.

A Philadelphia student defense lawyer could aggressively defend you in any academic proceedings as well as ones in the court. Sit down with a representative to see how they would approach your unique situation and what may be the best defenses available to you. Time can be of the essence so make sure to act quickly to ensure the best possible outcome. Call today.