Common Campus Offenses in Philadelphia

Campus offenses can lead to severe consequences that can seriously impact your future. A criminal charge on campus could lead to criminal penalties and actions from your school. You could be looking at fines, jail time, and probation. Also, you may face a loss of a scholarship, suspension, or expulsion from your school.

If you are facing charges, reach out to an accomplished lawyer who is experienced with the common campus offenses in Philadelphia. A seasoned student defense lawyer could advocate for you and possibly help you reach a favorable outcome.

Common Campus Offenses a Student May Face

Some of the common campus offenses in Philadelphia will not be handled informally, and a student should seek an attorney to aid them. Some examples of the commonly seen frequent crimes that may warrant a lawyer include:

If someone if facing one of these allegations, they should obtain an attorney as soon as possible. Students should keep in mind that they could be charged separately by the Philadelphia district attorney’s office and their school. Even if the person is charged with an offense that involves no injury, a conviction will go on their record and can impact their future chances for employment or acceptance into graduate school.

Campus Misconduct That May Not Allow Legal Representation

Some examples of campus misconduct may not require or allow the student to seek legal representation. These offenses vary by school but could include noise violations, simple assault, honor code violations related to cheating, and other non-criminal offenses.

Om certain campuses, there are closed hearings that do not allow attorneys to be present. This is the case for such as the Saint Joseph’s University’s policy. Even in these situations, however, attorneys could help from behind the scenes by advising people going in on how they best might defend themselves against the allegations they have.

A student who is facing any allegation that could lead to criminal charges should obtain an attorney right away. A lawyer could help the individual even if the lawyer is not allowed to be brought in for an informal hearing.

Call a Philadelphia Lawyer About Common Campus Offenses

It could never hurt a student facing a campus offense to contact a lawyer and seek out counsel for what could be a critical hearing in their life. The effects of a disciplinary hearing going bad and receiving a suspension or expulsion could have long-lasting effects on someone’s entire career, especially if they have a record of being expelled or suspended from an institution. All students enter college with the goal of graduating on time and moving on to great careers of further higher levels of education. Unfortunately, a criminal charge could throw a person’s goals course. It could also cost the student thousands of dollars if their graduation date is delayed due to the suspension or expulsion. A criminal conviction could also lead to severe penalties that could adversely impact a person’s future. If you are facing charges, contact a dedicated lawyer who is knowledgeable about the common campus offenses in Philadelphia.