Philadelphia Auto Theft Lawyer

Someone facing automobile theft charges is looking at expensive fines and possible jail time. A conviction for auto theft also carries long-term ramifications. If you are facing auto theft charges, you may want to seek the services of a seasoned theft attorney. A Philadelphia auto theft lawyer could advocate on your behalf to ensure that you are getting the representation you need. Call today to schedule a consultation and begin working on your defense.

Defining Automobile Theft

In the Commonwealth Pennsylvania, theft of a motor vehicle is defined as the crime of theft, which is taking something owned by another with the intent to permanently deprive that other individual of it, and that the item being taken is an automobile.

The Commonwealth Statutes and Criminal Codes of Pennsylvania specifically regard car theft as the theft of a motor vehicle and thus raised the charge from what would otherwise be charged as a misdemeanor to a felony of the third degree, which is treated in a harsher manner than most theft cases. Due to the seriousness of these charges, it is essential to obtain the services of a well-trained Philadelphia auto theft lawyer as soon as possible following an arrest for auto theft.

How Prosecutors in Philadelphia Treat Auto Theft Charges

In large cities like Philadelphia, auto theft charges are taken very seriously by the courts. In an attempt to reduce car theft in the county, the courts will sentence individuals to long periods of incarceration and supervision upon conviction. If a person is the subject of a car theft in Philadelphia County, it is vital that they retain an experienced auto theft attorney in Philadelphia at the earliest possible opportunity. A dedicated criminal defense lawyer could ensure that the individual’s rights are protected and will work tirelessly to either mitigate the charges or help the defendant seek an acquittal.

Philadelphia Auto Theft Laws

The laws in Philadelphia County concerning auto theft are the laws that are consistent throughout the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in dealing with auto theft, which is that a person does not have the right to take a vehicle that they do not own or unauthorized with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of such vehicle. Simply put, an individual does not have the right to take another person’s vehicle without permission. When a person commits the unlawful taking of an automobile, they will be charged with a felony of the third degree.

Felony Charges

When someone is facing a felony of the third degree for the theft of a motor vehicle, the individual is looking at between three and a half to seven years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000. In Pennsylvania, all auto theft cases are graded as a felony of the third degree. Auto theft charges are usually treated more seriously than other theft charges due to the fact of how expensive vehicles are. This is why it is important to consult with a Philadelphia auto theft lawyer following an auto theft charge. The role of an auto theft attorney is to get the charges reduced to a lesser offense or completely dropped.

How a Philadelphia Auto Theft Attorney Could Help

Auto theft is a serious crime in the city and county of Philadelphia. It is one of the crimes that the courts specifically focus on in trying to negate the negative impacts that car theft has on society as a whole. Therefore, certain locations with large volumes of auto theft consider the offense a more serious crime, which is why the penalties are more severe.

If you are facing auto theft charges, contact a Philadelphia auto theft lawyer right away. An attorney could fight by your side throughout the legal process.