Role of a Philadelphia Auto Theft Lawyer

The role of a Philadelphia auto theft lawyer is to help build a defense for an individual to prevent them from being convicted of serious charges. An experienced auto theft attorney has the ability to evaluate the evidence from the beginning and can raise defenses at the outset. The lawyer could help a defendant have their charges mitigated or dropped altogether. To learn more about the benefits of obtaining legal counsel, contact a seasoned attorney today.

Presenting a Defense for Auto Theft in Philadelphia

Once all evidence for the defense is obtained and at the same time the prosecution offers discovery on the case, adequate defenses could be raised in a trial before a judge and/or jury to defend an auto theft case. People who have been charged with auto theft have the right to say their side of the story. The role of a Philadelphia auto theft lawyer is to allow the defendant to tell their story in a proper fashion. Attorneys experienced in auto theft cases know the law and how to present a defense to the court and/or prosecutors. Having a lawyer helps expedite the matter and, hopefully, results in the acquittal of all charges.

Lawyer’s Role at a Defendant’s Arraignment

At a person’s arraignment, the lawyer will help assure that the lowest possible bail, or no bail at all, is needed to be posted to ensure the release of an individual. When an individual in Philadelphia is charged with auto theft, there is an initial arraignment where bail on a particular case is set. A lawyer could put courts on notice from the initial arraignment that an individual is pleading not guilty and that the facts presented by the complainant are not 100 percent accurate. By doing so, a defendant’s risk of being convicted later would be reduced. At the second arraignment, the role of a Philadelphia auto theft lawyer is to stand by the defendant’s side while the individual enters an informal plea of not guilty.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Attorney

There are many benefits of hiring a local attorney for individuals facing auto theft charges. Local attorneys with experience in the area know the courts, prosecution, and how to raise the defenses that the courts accept. A lawyer who has handled these types of cases in Philadelphia could help a defendant understand the system, penalties, and how to mitigate penalties or get the case thrown out.

Certain courts treat auto theft in a more severe fashion than other courts. Understanding the inner workings of the court system, which is a huge system in Philadelphia County and the largest in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is essential. Having an experienced local criminal defense attorney by a person’s side increases the chances that their case would be worked out in a matter that is both fair and equitable.

Importance of Contacting a Philadelphia Auto Theft Attorney Immediately

It is imperative that a person who has been arrested for auto theft to call a lawyer right away. After a lawyer has been obtained, they may speak on the defendant’s behalf and make statements to prosecutors and investigators to help exonerate the individual. Also, a lawyer’s statements cannot be used against the defendant. Having an attorney at the earliest possible stages ensures that all evidence obtained would be preserved. If you have been charged with auto theft, contact an attorney today to learn more about the role of a Philadelphia auto theft lawyer and how they could help your case.