Evidence in a Philadelphia Carjacking Case

The facts of each individual carjacking case will determine what type of evidence will be gathered. However, in every defense case, gathering the evidence at the earliest possible time to help the defense is essential. Video and audio are often unavailable after a certain period of time. Also, 9-1-1 calls are also available up to 30 days after the incident. Therefore, having an accomplished attorney who is experienced in obtaining evidence in a Philadelphia carjacking case is essential for a defendant. If you are facing carjacking charges, reach out to a seasoned carjacking lawyer right away.

Preparing a Defense

When preparing a defense for any serious felony crime in Philadelphia, a well-established attorney will look at all avenues to determine what the right defense strategy will be. The lawyer will start by obtaining evidence that is favorable to the defendant, organizing that evidence, and providing it to the court and/or prosecutors at the earliest possible time.

An attorney will look to see if misidentification, fingerprints, video surveillance, or other devices is an issue that could indicate that the accused person was not the one who committed the act. In cases where it is a misunderstanding as to what exactly occurred, eyewitnesses and other types of testimonial evidence must be obtained and/or used in a way to avert the Commonwealth from attempting to convict the wrong person for carjacking.

Gathering Evidence in a Carjacking Case

The type of evidence in a Philadelphia carjacking case is any sort of evidence that can exculpate the defendant or be sufficient enough to have the charges reduced to a more reasonable charge. The types of evidence most commonly obtained is dependent upon the defense. Most of the time, it is audio and visual recordings. Additionally, fingerprints and the use of expert testimony to determine whether or not a person was actually in the vehicle may be used. Investigators can come in and interview eyewitnesses to the alleged crime. In cases of a misunderstanding or fabrication by a complainant, it is the eyewitness testimony that often rebuts the Commonwealth elements and can lead to an acquittal. Having access to and the ability to obtain such evidence at the earliest possible time assures an individual the right defenses are being made on their behalf.

Experts Used in a Defense for Carjacking

Depending on the facts of a specific case, certain experts can come into play. If their defense is that it simply was not them, the use of fingerprint experts and other eyewitness expert testimony will be of use in an attempt to negate the allegation that the individual was actually at the scene of the crime. Experts and location services that can determine if an individual was, in fact, at another location can often lead to an alibi defense and in some cases, even an acquittal based upon alibi alone. The use of experts in carjacking cases is very common. An expert can challenge the observations made by alleged witnesses. If you are facing carjacking charges, reach out to a lawyer who understands the different types of evidence in a Philadelphia carjacking case.