Building a Philadelphia Armed Robbery Defense

Armed robbery is a very serious crime. The presence of a weapon in the robbery can traumatize individuals psychologically and physically. Due to this, the prosecution often approaches these cases very aggressively. If you are facing charges, speak to a distinguished armed robbery lawyer immediately. Because the penalties for such an offense can be severe it is important that individuals work with a legal professional.

A qualified lawyer could examine the circumstances of your case and devote their time to building a Philadelphia armed robbery defense. Call now to learn more about your legal options. You deserve to have your freedom protected.

The First Step in Building a Case

The first step to building a Philadelphia armed robbery defense is speaking to a lawyer. Armed robbery lawyers need to understand all the facts in the case and know exactly what took place on the day of the alleged armed robbery.

This would enable them to get a better understanding of a case and come up with an appropriate defense strategy. A defense lawyer could then work with an investigator to corroborate the information provided by an individual.

Collecting Evidence in Armed Robbery Cases

When it comes to building a Philadelphia armed robbery defense, lawyers need to collect evidence. Below are the main types of evidence an attorney could look for:

  • 911 calls
  • Calls for an ambulance
  • Audio, video evidence
  • Photographs
  • Fingerprints
  • Confiscated items
  • Witness testimonies

It is important to collect such evidence very early on in a case, to ensure that evidence does not get lost or disappear. Evidence serves an important role in the defense of an individual.

Plea Deals

While armed robberies have serious penalties, plea deals can reduce the penalties that an individual is facing and provide alternative sentencing options. Due to this, lawyers are constantly assessing cases to determine whether or not it seems like a plea deal is an appropriate action to take. The assessment process plays a big role in building a Philadelphia armed robbery defense.

A criminal lawyer might encourage a defendant to take a plea deal for a number of reasons. If the facts the prosecution presents are strong enough to prove that the defendant committed the offense, a lawyer would push for a plea deal. This could be the only way to ensure that a defendant faces minimal damages. Individuals with questions or concerns about plea deals should consult an armed robbery lawyer.

Contacting an Armed Robbery Lawyer in Philadelphia

If you are facing armed robbery charges, contact a criminal lawyer immediately. Armed robbery charges can be frightening to deal with on your own. Experienced local attorneys understand the system and know how to navigate it in order to help defendants. They could examine any relevant evidence, analyze allegations, find weaknesses in the allegations, negotiate with the prosecution, and mitigate your case. Criminal lawyers are adept in building a Philadelphia armed robbery defense. Call today to work with a lawyer who is dedicated to protecting your freedom.