Benefit of a Philadelphia Shoplifting Lawyer

Contacting an attorney with experience handling the charge that an individual is fighting is essential, whether the charge is retail theft, robbery, or DUI. Having a lawyer by your side who understands the Philadelphia system and knows how to defend specific crimes in a particular court is vital. An experienced shoplifting attorney may be able to provide the best opportunity to obtain the best possible result. Call and schedule a consultation today to learn more about the benefit of a Philadelphia shoplifting lawyer.

Various Ways Legal Counsel Could Help

Having an attorney by a person’s side when defending shoplifting cases helps ensure that everything is being done to protect their rights and that all mitigation is being considered by the courts. The lawyer can work to control the evidence and control what, if anything, the court perceives in dealing with a particular person’s case.

If an otherwise good individual made a mistake in judgment by committing the crime, mitigation can be ordered to lessen the effects that a retail theft crime can have upon a person’s future and/or reputation. The benefit of a Philadelphia shoplifting lawyer is essential in making sure that:

  • All avenues are researched
  • All possible dispositions are explored
  • That the individual participates in a drug alcohol treatment program or any other kind of treatment program, which will aid in their defense
  • The court is aware of any program the defendant has completed, and help to mitigate their sentence and avoid an incarceration sentence.

An Attorney’s Role at an Arraignment

Once a person is charged with shoplifting, they should retain the services of a defense attorney as soon as possible. When the person is arraigned, the lawyer will make all statements to the court. When an individual is provided the opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty, they could be represented directly through the attorney in a way that does not hold the defendant bound to any terms that have been put before the court.

At an arraignment, an attorney can make it clear that the person may have made a mistake despite the Commonwealth’s claims, and that they deserve the opportunity to defend themselves through the trial process. Thus legal counsel ensures that the court and prosecution treat the accused as innocent until proven guilty. In that way, an arraignment could be handled in a fashion that allows the individual to post bail and enter a generalized plea prior to any negotiations for the case, thus protecting them from making any statement that could be brought up at a later time and used against them in a court of law.

Importance of a Philadelphia Shoplifting Attorney

A person charged with shoplifting in Philadelphia should always consider retaining a local attorney first. Having knowledge of the complex court system in Philadelphia and all aspects of the courts and diversionary programs is critical. The benefit of a Philadelphia shoplifting lawyer is their knowledge of how the courts work and how to get the best results.

When dealing with cases in Philadelphia, understanding the courts, having specific impersonal knowledge with the prosecutor’s office and being aware of the programs that are available to mitigate charges are the only safe manner to navigate this case through the criminal justice system in Philadelphia.