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Bucks County Child Abuse Lawyer

As defined by Bucks County law, child abuse comes in a number of different forms and allegations that a parent or other-doer can be charged with. Child abuse starts, first and foremost, on the domestic violence level. This means some sort of abusive behavior, in a criminal fashion, has occurred to a child within a family. Child abuse charges can affect the person’s employment, can cause an individual to have to register for such acts and can affect the ability to have any contact, whatsoever, with children under the age of 18.

If someone is charged with child abuse, they will want to consult with a domestic violence attorney. These consequences can be very serious and the process can be complicated so there are many benefits to hiring a Bucks County child abuse lawyer.

Child Abuse Charges

Whether it be biological family, step family or guardianship, the courts do not differentiate. If the child is abused whether criminally or physically and charges are brought, child abuse can be charged. Additionally, child abuse comes into play when a child is the victim of any sort of guardian or lack of guardian at a particular time. That is a child may be abused simply by not being taken care of properly within standards accepted by the community.

Child abuse is a very broad term that encompasses the criminal courts, the domestic courts, and civil dependency courts. Under all areas, an individual charged with child abuse must raise defenses with the help of a Bucks County child abuse lawyer to protect their future or reputation on the state, federal, and local level.

Immediate Consequences

Amongst the most immediate consequences associated with child abuse in the criminal realm is, first and foremost, individuals charged with child abuse often face an array of charges starting at aggravated assault and going all the way down to endangering the welfare of a child or simple assault. Additionally, those charges carry substantial jail time or probationary periods which can also affect the person’s reputation in the future.

Additionally, when individuals are charged with child abuse, a government agency determination can be made on the civil side which prevents an individual from participating in any sort of activities, whether they be at school, government functions or anything along those lines of participation when it comes to children. Under all circumstances, whether it be the criminal courts or the Department of Human Services, child abuse is dealt with in a harsh manner and in a manner that is consistent with restricting those accused of living their lives out in any particularly positive way until the matter is resolved.

Long Term Consequences

Child abuse convictions in Bucks County can ruin an individual’s reputation, a registry, employment and access to children for life. It is a serious consequence. An individual convicted of child abuse can be placed on a state-wide and national list of child abuse registry which prevents those individuals from participating in any sort of activities involving children. Additionally, a conviction for child abuse can lead to long periods of incarceration and long periods of supervision or probation with specific conditions to treat for child abuse rehabilitation. It is one of the most debilitating effects of the conviction.

Anyone convicted of child abuse should understand clearly that their life will change and that their access to children, schools, libraries and government institutions will also be impacted. Child abuse is one of the most serious crimes that someone can be convicted of and must be taken very seriously given the ramifications.

Contacting a Bucks County Child Abuse Lawyer

A person accused of child abuse, especially those accused falsely of child abuse, should immediately reach out and obtain the services of an experienced Bucks County child abuse lawyer. An experienced criminal attorney can limit the consequences of the conviction, reduce requirements for stay-away or protecting from abuse orders or seek an outright acquittal. An attorney has the know-how, the reputation, and the resources to vehemently attack allegations of child abuse and push for the right results in the right case.