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Impact of a Bucks County Child Abuse Charge

Bucks County child abuse can include a variety of charges, from physically harming a child to neglecting a child, or causing a child to be in need of medical services in some way. Once an instance of child abuse is reported, whether it be to the civil courts, dependency courts or criminal courts, depending upon the method, an investigator or police personnel assigned to investigate child abuse cases becomes involved. Once a court views there is a probable cause for an arrest, an arrest is then made of an individual accused of committing such child abuse acts.

If you are facing child abuse charges, it is important to understand they could impact your civil case or criminal case, and you should consult a dedicated attorney who can assist you during this process. Being accused of child abuse can have long term effects. You will need the help of a child abuse attorney as it can be a complicated process and the impact of a Bucks County child abuse charge can result in serious consequences. Unless you have extensive knowledge of the law, you will need legal representation. A child abuse lawyer will have the experience and knowledge that will be vital to building your defense case.

Impact on a Civil Case

Child abuse can be charged in both the civil and criminal realms within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including Bucks County. Child abuse,  once charged criminally,  can also be prosecuted on the civil end. The Commonwealth courts call for arulings upon dependency, whether or not the child will remain living with their custodians and whether or not the child needs to be placed permanently in the care of the state. Under all circumstances, the civil punishments for a conviction of child abuse can even far exceed those of a criminal court.

Child abuse on the civil side can be preventative when an individual participating in any way with their child’s schools, functions, government functions, sports or activities oranything involving children. A civil determination child abuse, as founded, can affect the accused’s  liberty  or  future.  A person’s employment can also be lost should the employment have any sort of contact with children. When a person is accused of a child abuse matter in Bucks County, it is essential to reach out and obtain the services of an experienced Bucks County child abuse criminal defense lawyer.

Criminal Case Consequences

In most cases involving child abuse, having the case heard in one court or another  is a strategic choice that should be made by an experienced lawyer defending an alleged child abuser. In most cases, criminal prosecution should proceed first, in order to protect a person’s right to testify on their own behalf and to not taint the court with any lower level burden of proof, such as more likely than not, which is held over in the civil courts. Burden of proof in a criminal matter is beyond a reasonable doubt, and as such, an individual has the right to have their case heard before a judge or jury and a determination to be made upon that standard. Thus, it is imperative with the right strategy and the right goals in most cases, the criminal matter should proceed first and the civil proceed at a later time.

When civil matters are investigated primary to any criminal matter being investigated, it must be understood that anything that is said or done during the civil matter can and will be used against an individual in the criminal matter. Without the aid of an attorney, an individual’s rights may not be protected and information that would otherwise be precluded  can often be admissible given the person’s voluntariness to talk about what happened and raise defenses which often do not correlate with any criminal charge.

Consulting an Attorney

A child abuse charge can be damaging, especially if you do not have a criminal record. Contacting a skilled Pennsylvania criminal lawyer can ensure you receive the legal counsel you deserve. The impact of a Bucks County child abuse charge or conviction could be severe in your career and result in consequences and penalties.

If you are facing charges or conviction for child abuse, it can be damaging and effect your employment, reputation, and can result in a prison sentence, the loss of ability to possess a firearm. You will want to consult with a dedicated attorney who can assist you during this process. The right attorney can limit the consequences of the conviction, potentially reduce requirements for stay-away orders, or seek an outright acquittal. Ensure that you are receiving the appropriate legal representation and hire an attorney who understands the potential impact of a Bucks County child abuse case.