License Penalties After a Bucks County DUI

In Buck’s County, Pennsylvania, an individual convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will receive some sort of license suspension or penalty that is dependent on the level of intoxication or amount of narcotics within their system. A license suspension is solely dependent on the level of intoxication, the number of prior DUI contacts, or any other traffic offenses that can be charged along with the DUI charge.

With this in mind, it is critical to reach out and consult with an experienced Bucks County DUI attorney as soon as you are charged, so an attorney may protect your privilege to drive.

Limiting the Suspension

All programs, diversionary or not, and all convictions lead to some sort of penalties and suspension. However, in most cases the suspension can be limited. In some cases certain licenses or temporary work licenses are available after a certain time through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for those convicted of driving under the influence.

Obtaining or Restricting a License in Bucks County

In Bucks County, as in the rest of the state of Pennsylvania, an individual can get a limited or temporary work license. However, such license must be applied for through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation at the state level and filed with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the county seat.

Once an individual’s license is suspended, the only real appeal that can take place is through a panel hearing through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. A trial within a trial occurs where a basis for a license suspension is brought out by the Commonwealth’s representatives through the district attorney’s office in Bucks County. An experienced attorney will cross examine the Commonwealth’s witnesses and offer proper defenses so that an individual seeking a revocation of a license suspension has the best possible chances for a positive result.

Attaining An ID Card if Your License is Suspended

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, like the rest of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, an Identification Card can be obtained in lieu of a driver’s license at any time. You must be a Pennsylvania resident and have a Pennsylvania address. Proof of such is required before a Pennsylvania Identification Card will be issued. The Pennsylvania Identification Card does not give an individual the right to drive a motor vehicle or do anything permissible with a motor vehicle.

Having a Pennsylvania Identification Card does not solve the problem of an individual being able to drive once a license is suspended for DUI. Should a person be operating a motor vehicle after a DUI suspension, they are subject to an additional one year suspension for every violation, plus large fines and costs by the court. If an individual is driving while DUI suspended and obtains another DUI, the person is subject to an additional 90-day, minimum mandatory sentence of incarceration in a Bucks County correctional facility.

Before a person acts, whether it is to obtain a Pennsylvania Identification Card or driver’s license, an attorney experienced in the area of DUI or traffic law in Bucks County should be consulted so that the individual is aware of what they can and cannot do to avoid any possible incarceration or further suspensions down the road.