Posting Bond in Bucks County DUI Cases

In Bucks County DUI cases, bond is determined by bail guidelines that are set by the state of Pennsylvania. The bail guidelines are in place to determine what monetary value should be placed on individuals that are accused of a crime, to ensure their future appearance for related legal proceedings. An experienced Bucks County DUI attorney is familiar with the particularities and specifications of the 17 guidelines and can present the defenses that are most likely to get the accused a good result in a bond hearing. When this is done properly, even the highest bail guidelines are often reduced to a reasonable amount so that the accused is not held in custody pending the trial. To learn more about the benefit of experienced legal representation or the steps you can take, call and schedule a consultation today.

Things to Know About Posting Bond in Bucks County

One of the most important things an individual should know when posting bond, is that in Bucks County they may be required to provide proof to the court of the source of the money used to post bail. Additionally, an individual should know that an attorney may have to file additional motions for the person to be released.

Bail should be posted during the regular business hours of the district court and if it is not posted within the initial hours following bond being set, it has to be posted at the Bucks County correctional facility. To avoid any inconvenience and to expedite the bail release process in a DUI case, an individual should seek out the services of an experienced Bucks County DUI attorney to post bail properly and ensure that an individual is released at the earliest possible moment.

Process For Posting Bond

Posting bond in Buck’s County DUI cases can be done at the district court justice office and/or the Bucks County correctional facility during business hours. At both locations, bond can be posted by certified check, credit card, or cash. Once bond is set, the individual posting bail should go to one of the two aforementioned locations, to post bail. Usually within six hours of bail being posted, an individual can be released from the Bucks County correctional facility.

In some cases, a judge may impose a Nebbia order, which requires that an individual posting bail provide the court with the source of the bail money. A Bucks County DUI lawyer’s responsibility, in that case, is to establish that the bond being paid to have the individual released, came from a legitimate source. The attorney may ensure this by obtaining tax records, employment records, and/or bank records to show when the money that was posted for bail was withdrawn. This allows an individual, even with stricter requirements or a more problematic record, to be released while fighting their new charges.

Being Released From Jail

When a person is released from jail, they are provided with documents showing the bond that that was posted on their behalf, the requirements of that bond, and notice of their next court date. Having an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney on your side, even at this stage, helps expedite the process. An attorney can also obtain affidavits of probable cause, the formal criminal complaint, and immediately begin preparing future defenses to provide the accused with the best possible outcome in their case.

Reasons to Consult a Bucks County DUI Lawyer

Posting bond or bail in a Bucks County DUI case can seem like a difficult process. There are lots of papers involved and a hearing before a district court, even before formal allegations are made. A person in Bucks County charged by complaint often does not even have a copy of the complaint at the time of their bail hearing. That is why it is essential to reach out and obtain the most experienced person possible at the earliest chance available. Obtaining the services of an experienced Bucks County DUI lawyer can move this process in the right direction because only then can the matter move through the court in Bucks County expeditiously.