Signs You Might Be Under Investigation in Bucks County

If you believe you may be under investigation in Bucks County, here are the signs that you should be aware of in order to minimize the harm of the investigation and ensure none of your legal rights are being violated. To learn more about what this could mean for you, call and schedule a consultation with a Bucks County criminal lawyer today.

You Are Contacted By Police

In Bucks County, some of the most obvious signs that an investigation of some criminal matter is ongoing involve direct contact by police to an individual or a target. Often, the target is someone lower down the line than the person law enforcement may actually seek to get. The police or their detective agencies in the local townships will reach out to an individual and let them know that they want to bring them in and question them. They will often let them know that they are not required to come in, but that coming in will benefit them down the road.

Should Someone Cooperate If They Are Contacted?

The only problem to look out for is that when an individual agrees to go in and meet with police without the aid of an experienced Bucks County criminal attorney, if a person gives information to the police, it may either:

(a) harm their future case should they be charged or

(b) they will get no credit for the information that they provided to police, because it is not documented and no deal has been worked out with the government prosecuting authority.

The individual merely going in and seeing police benefits only the investigation agency or the police and not the individual going in to help them and give information.

For this reason, it is of utmost importance to seek out the assistance of an experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney whenever contacted by police in Bucks County. Albeit, it maybe just to show that an individual is educated in the law, an individual is not going to allow the police to overcome their burden or constitutional burdens of providing a fair opportunity for an individual to tell their side of the story. That same individual with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Bucks County can get credit so that later on in the investigation, when it comes time to see a magistrate or judge, the individual is credited with any helpful information they provided to the police.

Your Banks Accounts Are Frozen

Other signs to look for, rather than direct contact, are accounts being frozen. If a person’s bank accounts are being frozen, which they are allowed to freeze upon investigation, notification will be made directly to the individual, usually by their bank or the authority looking to seize the material. If the individual takes no action, it is very difficult to lift that order to freeze assets at a later time.

However, if the individual immediately seeks out the service of the qualified and experienced Bucks County criminal defense attorney, then those assets can be released, the person’s life can continue, and any reason for the investigation often comes to light so the person can be prepared in the future to defend himself.

You Are Sent Subpoenas or Other Legal Documents

Sometimes when an investigation is taking place someone may receive mail or subpoenas being sent to a location, such as to a person’s place of employment or their personal residence. Additionally other legal documents being sent can also mean that someone is under investigation and it is therefore time to consult with an attorney.

Something Doesn’t Seem Right

Other signs of an investigation often involve individuals you would never expect to approach you asking you questions that seemed very odd or out of the ordinary. These may be individuals who are cooperating with police and the police have sought them out and sent them to you in a plea-bargain fashion.

Under every circumstance where something doesn’t seem right, it’s likely something is not right. Whether an accused is innocent or guilty is not the issue. It’s whether the accused’s rights are being protected. An accused’s constitutional rights can only be waived when an individual is not using the services of a qualified professional Bucks County criminal defense attorney. An individual accused of a crime normally does not have the wherewithal to fight the government to make sure their rights are protected. Seeking out the services of an attorney to do those things for you can only make your case work out for the better and can only protect your livelihood for the better.