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Bucks County Robbery Defense

Robbery is a serious offense in Bucks County and it is prosecuted as such. It is important to have a strong defense for Bucks County robbery charges in order to maintain a positive outcome in your case. If you are facing charges, a skilled robbery lawyer can help you build a defense as you navigate the legal process.

Preparing A Defense

A criminal lawyer in Bucks County will begin preparing a defense in any crime by first interviewing the client and obtaining the specific details of the actual allegations charged. Additionally, when looking into a robbery charge, an attorney might first and foremost explore any possibilities that a particular item was not actually being taken from another person, and in fact was not the rightful item of the person who is  the alleged complainant in the case.

That is, the individual who is assuming or making the assertion that another individual is robbing them does not have a claim to the property in question. The attorney will verify if this individual is indeed the rightful owner of such object.

The next step should be to obtain the details from the police reports available, as well as any live footage–such as video recordings–and any other physical evidence that can corroborate a defendant’s story. This is done in an effort to lead the charges to be either dismissed or dropped entirely if the matter continues on to trial.

Obtaining Records

Additionally, when preparing a Bucks County robbery defense, it is essential that an attorney obtains any medical records that might also be involved. These include anything attaching the complainant and to the scene. For example, anything indicating that the complaining witness or the person allegedly robbed was under the influence of drug or alcohol such that their recollection of events may well be flawed. This evidence would be obtained in a blood report from the hospital. All of these are essential components when building a proper Bucks County robbery defense.

When A Plea Deal May Be Appropriate

When an individual is charged with robbery, a number of factors come into play when deciding how a case should proceed through the court system. Among those factors is the possibility that the charge can be pled out in a manner that avoids harsher sentences that could otherwise result from a guilty verdict after trial. In some cases, a plea deal is recommended when first, the Commonwealth’s evidence is irrefutable and secondly, to help mitigate or have the accused accept full responsibility at the earliest time for committing such robbery. Perhaps the accused was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time and is need of such services or perhaps the accused merely made a mistake.

In either case, they are guilty of the crime, but accepting a plea deal could easily turn what would otherwise be a serious felony into either a lower degree felony or even a misdemeanor. This can help a person when the time comes to rehabilitate their criminal record. However, a plea deal will typically only to come about after all other resources have been used, and all possible defenses for Bucks County robbery charges have been discussed and explored. Only at that point will an experienced  lawyer  advise a client that  a plea bargain is the best route to take.

How A Local Attorney Can Help

If you are facing charges, you will be best served by a local attorney who has ties to area neighborhoods, nearby police stations, as well as local district courts and prosecutors. The personal history allows your attorney to begin resolving a case even before a formal complaint is issued.

The earliest the defense can be brought to light with the police,  the prosecution and with the courts. As a result, it may be possible to achieve the dismissal of charges even before a formal complaint is put together.

Overall, having a knowledgeable attorney with extensive experience in the jurisdiction will be invaluable in building and carrying out a strong Bucks County robbery defense.