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Bucks County Armed Robbery Lawyer

Armed robbery in Bucks County is taking a robbery charge to the highest degree. It is defined as using a weapon, such a firearm, during the commission of a theft and/or placing a person in fear of serious bodily injury or causing serious bodily injury or death to another individual during the commission of a theft.

Thus, when armed robbery comes into the equation, courts, prosecutors, and police find little wiggle room and the most serious consequences come into play. If you are being charged with a robbery, it is important to contact an experienced defense lawyer who can show you your options. An experienced Bucks County armed robbery attorney is essential help in building your defense.

Potential Penalties

Raising the ante to armed robbery is the highest degree contemplated by the sentencing guidelines in Pennsylvania and Bucks County. An individual charged with armed robbery during the commission of such theft where an individual may be threatened and/or harmed suffers the highest possible consequences of any robbery charge.

Under these circumstances, a person can be charged and/or sentenced to the maximum sentence permissible by law, which is 10 to 20 years in each charge associated with the armed robbery. A person can reach the 10 to 20-year level as well three and a half to seven years for the firearm and an additional five years for any other assaultive behavior that comes into play. In some cases, aggravated assault may come into play, adding another 10-year potential sentence.

Consequences of Armed Robbery

When being investigated for or charged with armed robbery, a person should obtain an experienced defense attorney. A Bucks County armed robbery attorney with years of experience in serious felony charges knows it should not be taken lightly and a person’s entire life and ability to remain free comes into play.

This is not simply an employment or reputation matter. This is the type of matter that if convicted can be treated and/or tried in local Bucks County courts as well as federal courts within the District of Pennsylvania and/or Philadelphia.

Armed robbery involves theft, assaultive behavior, and a firearm. All three are treated harshly, but together in aggregate can cause an individual to be incarcerated in excess of 30 years. Should a person have a prior record, Pennsylvania’s first, second, and third strike rule comes into play. Under the most extreme circumstances, a person could potentially face life imprisonment without parole.

Contacting a Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer with experience is essential when dealing with serious felony charges. Individuals need attorneys who are experienced in dealing with thousands of these types of cases, and negotiating with the highest level authorities in the highest courts, the highest prosecutors, and the highest level detectives.

A Bucks County armed robbery lawyer who knows these participants gives an individual charged an edge in negotiating by either working towards a not guilty verdict or in some cases, working through mitigating reduced charges or reduced potential sentence faced by an individual. Even armed robberies can be credibility issues.

Cases where there is no video and a motive for an alleged victim to lie, even armed robberies, can be fought vigorously before a court, a judge, and/or a jury trial. Having the right lawyer who has taken these cases all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, has litigated hundreds of jury trials on these facts, and understands the local community gives an individual charged with an armed robbery the tools and knowledge to get the best result possible. If you are being charged armed robbery you  may face some serious penalties, so it is important to contact a Bucks County armed robbery lawyer so you know your options moving forward.