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Bucks County Aggressive Driving Lawyer 

When dealing with aggressive driver charges, some charges carry significant penalties involving points to a person’s license with an immediate suspension, and thousands of dollars in fines and costs. In other circumstances, where injuries may occur and are more severe, criminal charges will follow.

Therefore, when dealing with aggressive driver charges, it is essential that a person retain the services of an experienced traffic attorney. Only then can a person be assured that their rights are being protected and everything is being done in order to mitigate possible consequences for a careless, reckless, or aggressive driving charge. Contact a Bucks County aggressive driving lawyer as soon as possible.

What is Aggressive Driving?

Aggressive driving in Bucks County is defined as the use of over careless driving and a reckless driving charge at the same time. Aggressive driving encompasses both of those areas, as well as any other act with a motor vehicle that can cause substantial harm to another individual. Acting in such a reckless fashion so as to put other individuals at risk of death or serious bodily injury certainly meets the definition of an aggressive driver in Bucks County.

Common Factors in an Aggressive Driving Case

As a Bucks County aggressive driving lawyer knows, this offense involves operating a motor vehicle in a fashion which is inconsistent with an average driver on the street. That is, reckless driving and careless driving simply do not only occur when an individual is operating a motor vehicle in a very fast fashion, but in most cases it is the manner in which the person is operating the vehicle which is more important.

The important elements of careless or reckless driving that the courts and the police look at first is the speed of the motor vehicle within the area in which the motor vehicle is being operated, e.g., driving 50 mph in a school zone. The most common charges for operators in Bucks County involve reckless driving and careless driving charges, both which carry an immediate license suspension and up to a $5,000 fine.

What Physical Elements Might the Police Look For?

Police are required to have the requisite reasonable suspicion and probable cause to make the initial stop in the first place. Therefore, any audio, video, or other eye-witness testimony must be examined, prepared for, and in case of a trial, cross-examined. Any witness information that helps an individual must be presented in a proper fashion so as to create reasonable doubt and then the person will have an opportunity to be acquitted of all charges.

Benefit of Speaking with an Aggressive Driving Attorney

A Bucks County aggressive driving lawyer could help mitigate charges by presenting a full picture of why the individual acted the way they did, the reason they were speeding on that particular day; all of which can help that person to both mitigate and, in some cases, even become acquitted of the citation of driving as an aggressive driver in Bucks County.