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Common Bucks County Aggressive Driver Offenses

Aggressive driving refers to driving in a manner that is hostile and threatens the safety of others. It is a traffic offense that carries serious penalties because the potential for harming others is so great. If you want to know more about common Bucks County aggressive driver offenses, speak with an experienced aggressive driving attorney that could answer your questions and build your case.

Aggressive Driving Charges

In Bucks County, aggressive driving is amongst the most common charges that a citation carries for operating a motor vehicle on the streets of Bucks County. It is the degree in which the aggressive driving is cited that determines the specific charge. If it is merely an aggressive driving citation because of a person’s speed, and the speed is somewhat reasonable or slightly over the speed limit, then merely a speed citation will be issued. That citation is negotiable with the police and courts, and the individual will probably have to pay the fine, thus limiting their exposure to license suspension.

However, when dealing with aggressive drivers in situations where careless driving or reckless driving is a citable offense, these offenses require a court appearance and cannot be paid by mail. In that court appearance, the court has the authority, under certain circumstances, to even charge jail time as a result of a conviction. Additionally, careless driving and reckless driving charges carry significant points to a person’s license. Certain circumstances will result in immediate license suspensions of up to three years. Therefore, when careless driving and reckless driving are charged, aggressive drivers face significant penalties and even jail time, with significant fines and costs, and possible loss of license.

Scenarios That Lead to Aggressive Driving Charges

In most scenarios, aggressive drivers can be charged both criminally and with traffic citations, while at the same time these charges can be limited with the aid of an experienced traffic attorney. If the mens rea or one’s actual mental thought process can be negated (that the person did not intentionally drive in that fashion or that other circumstances caused an individual to drive in that fashion, which can be explained), then charges can be mitigated and/or reduced. It is essential to make sure that even in the most common scenarios for careless and reckless driving, that all the appropriate mitigation and defenses are brought up to the Magisterial District Court.


Some of the most common Bucks County aggressive driver offenses that lead to citations involve speeding in excess of 20 miles over the posted speed limit. These are citations that are often given when the police, using some sort of radar technology and/or speed determination technology, are able to clock a vehicle well above the speed limit. Additionally, aggressive drivers often face significant citations for both reckless driving and careless driving in Bucks County when they operate their motor vehicle in a matter that is so reckless that it places other individuals in danger of injury, serious bodily injury or even death.

Operating a Motor Vehicle Through a Pedestrian Walkway

Operating a motor vehicle through a pedestrian walkway without braking is very common and leads to significant license suspension, fines and costs. Additionally, passing public transportation or even a school bus in inappropriate fashion is very common and leads to significant license suspension and up to a $5,000 fine. Additionally, when pedestrians are generally put at risk, school children, and other individuals on the street, criminal charges can follow such as simple assault or recklessly endangering another person.

What Officers Look for When Pulling People Over for Aggressive Driving

When pulling drivers over for aggressive driving, officers generally look for attributes that contribute to a person’s actions involving both reckless driving and careless driving. Police will often follow individuals in the vehicles for a period of time to first determine their speed to an accuracy that is acceptable to the court and second to determine how they are operating their motor vehicle. State Police and local police often use drive cams, e.g., cameras that are attached to their vehicle which can record an individual actually operating a motor vehicle.

Additionally, radar detection devices will show, for the most part, a very accurate reading of their speed. When dealing with both reckless driving and careless driving in an aggressive manner on the streets of Bucks County, police will often look at how the operator reacts to their lights and sirens, and their method of asking individuals to pull over. Should the individual be intoxicated, in their opinion, charges can even be brought up on the criminal level. Therefore, how an individual acts upon police following that individual; how the person participates in being pulled over; how the person reacts to police encountering them and asking them questions upon being stopped for aggressive driving, all come into play. If an individual has been charged with aggressive driving or, they want to know more about common Bucks County aggressive driver offenses, they should speak with a knowledgeable aggressive driving lawyer that could answer their questions.