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Bucks County Aggressive Driver Prosecution

Aggressive driving, generally speaking, is a general charge which encompasses both careless driving and reckless driving. Bucks County aggressive driver prosecution can be quite harsh, resulting in the  significant loss of driving privileges, as well as significant fines and costs. When someone is cited for being an aggressive driver, whether under the careless driving statute or the reckless driving statute, other elements also come into play. For example, if the individual was driving in a way that violated the rules while also causing potential injuries to other individuals and creating hazardous situations. If an individual has been charged with aggressive driving, they should speak with a qualified aggressive driving lawyer that could defend them.

Excess Speed and Other Speed Limit Violations

When dealing with reckless driving and reckless driving charges, the most common violation is excess speed. Excess speed is monitored by both the local Bucks County Police and the state police throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. When police cite individual, for instance, with a speed above the operator’s legal limit (that is 35 miles an hour generally speaking), an individual is operating in excess of 50 miles an hour, reckless driving and reckless driving are also considered by the courts to be direct violations, and thus the consequences above are significant. The difference between a careless driving and reckless driving citation and a citation for violation of the speed limit are significant.

Speed limit violations, in some cases, carry minimal to no points on a person’s license. Reckless driving citations, as well as careless driving citations, are the highest points in which an individual can be cited for a speed violation, and as a result, carry the largest penalties across the board. Thus, having an attorney litigate the matter and challenge the elements of careless driving and reckless driving, and have the court merely find that the person was speeding, can save their driver’s license, thousands of dollars in fines and costs, and a person’s reputation. It is essential that when a person is charged with a careless driving or reckless driving charge that they retains an experienced Bucks County traffic lawyer. A skilled attorney could contest elements of the Bucks County aggressive driver prosecution, in order to bolster a person’s case.

Who Prosecutes Aggressive Driving Cases?

In Bucks County, all criminal and traffic matters are prosecuted by both the police and the district attorney’s office of Bucks County. At the magisterial district court level, the prosecutor will be available to try and resolve the easier cases involving citations, while at the same time prosecute heavily the more significant aggressive driving citations. In some local courts, the police officer or their Sergeant or Chief, will institute the citation and/or charges against an individual at the Magisterial District Court level. However, once the Magisterial District Court has been completed and should the matter either be appealed or sent to the Court of Common Pleas, it is of the sole jurisdiction of the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office to assume prosecution of all traffic and aggressive driver type cases.

Expectations of an Aggressive Driving Case

Due to the seriousness of Bucks County aggressive driver prosecution, a driver should simply expect that the citation is serious. An individual has the chance to lose their driver’s license and receiving penalties like  thousands of dollars of fines. When dealing with aggressive driver cases, such as careless driving or reckless driving on the streets of Bucks County, individuals must understand that they are not being cited simply because of speed, they have been cited at a much higher level with higher consequences. Individuals could lose their licenses for several years even for a first offense, and even be charged criminally if other individuals are put at risk of danger, harm, serious bodily injury or death, because of their actions when operating a motor vehicle on the streets of Bucks County. If a person does face aggressive driving charges, they should contact a distinguished aggressive driving lawyer that could fight for them.