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Bucks County Reckless Driving Lawyer

By Bucks County law, reckless driving is acting in a reckless fashion either by speed or by operating a motor vehicle in a way that is inconsistent with a motor vehicle code to such a degree that puts others in harm’s way or danger. Speed coupled with actions such as driving impaired or operating in a particular fashion at a particular time that puts others at risk will often be charged as reckless driving in Bucks County.

Merely being charged with reckless driving does not mean a person needs to be convicted of such. A distinguished traffic attorney can help you challenge the evidence, scientific methods in order to try reducing the charge. Contact a Bucks County reckless driving lawyer right away.

Reckless Driving Case Expectations

When charged with reckless driving, the person should expect that their case will be heard before a court. There is no ability to plead guilty to a reckless driving charge or avoid going to court and do it by mail. The prosecution and/or police will show evidence of why reckless driving was caused. That is what harms or potential harm was the reckless driving putting other people in fear of.

Any and all scientific evidence to show speed when speed is the main concern of the reckless driving will be admitted in court with the person’s certified driving record. Under all circumstances, a court will get a big picture of the type of driver that is before them and the type of consequences they should deal out as a result of thereof.

Benefit of Building a Defense with an Attorney

Hiring a Bucks County reckless driving lawyer has the understanding of local courts, having the knowledge of how state troopers and local police departments work, and having relationships with district attorneys. The attorney, through the use of all sorts of resources and defense evidence, can attempt to disprove the reckless driving charge or work with individuals, such as the police and the prosecution, in court to mitigate and limit a person’s exposure in an attempt to perhaps give them a second chance of driving.

Being able to protect someone’s ability to operate a motor vehicle is essential to a person to support their ability to travel, to attend services, and to do everything that they do on a daily basis. It is essential to have the right person by their side at the right time to ensure the right result.

Role of a Lawyer in Reckless Driving Cases

An attorney’s job is to challenge the evidence in such a way to determine whether it was an appropriate probable cause with the stop and if so, was the person acting in such a fashion consistent with reckless driving. A Bucks County reckless driving lawyer could challenge the ticket and seek the acquittal of not guilty. They could attempt to mitigate that ticket to a point where reckless driving is removed and a lesser offense that carries much less penalties, perhaps no points to one’s license, because of a person’s pristine driving record are able to be mitigated and worked out with the prosecution.