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Common Bucks County Reckless Driving Offenses

Speeding is often a consistent factor in common Bucks County reckless driving offenses. An experienced reckless driving lawyer understands how to handle charges of dangerous driving charges. It may be critical to speak with an attorney if you are interested in fighting the charges against you.

Common Types of Reckless Driving

The most common Bucks County reckless driving offenses individuals exceed speed limits of 30 miles or are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Some drive in such a reckless fashion that includes:

  • Passing a school bus with lights on
  • Passing a school area at a significant speed
  • Not pulling over for fire or police personnel with lights and sirens on
  • Acting in ways that put others in harm’s way

If one is operating a vehicle in such a degree where others can be harmed because of their actions and their actions are deemed unreasonable under the circumstances, reckless driving is what they are charged with.

Treatment of Reckless Driving Charges

Reckless driving is often charged in cases where individuals are exceeding the speed limit by a significant amount, a ten miles or more, and operating a vehicle while under the influences of drugs and/or alcohol otherwise noted as a DUI in Bucks County.

Those are the most common circumstances that come into play when reckless driving is charged. It is a very serious offense that has a significant impact on one’s ability to ensure a vehicle in the future and leads to a specific one-year license suspension.

Additional charges when cases of drug raising or operating a vehicle in such a reckless manner as to place others in fear of loss or safety are often charged as reckless driving.

Reckless Driving Charge vs. Speeding Ticket

A reckless driving charge simply stated is an extreme version of a speeding ticket. An individual does not necessarily have to be speeding to get a reckless driving charge. Merely operating a motor vehicle in such a fashion that causes potential harm to others and that harm is not reasonable and the operator is not acting reasonably under the circumstances.

Common Bucks County reckless driving offenses often include speeding. The most common way to reckless drive is to speed so much above the required or marked speed limit that the act of speeding creates the recklessness and the harm to others.

Thus, operating a motor vehicle 30 miles over the speed limit on any given road or even ten miles over the speed limit when school lights are activated or a school bus is present can lead to reckless driving charges. It is the act, not the speed, but the speed can also cause the act. Thus, reckless driving is a serious offense.

What Can Someone Expect on a Traffic Citation

When dealing with common Bucks County reckless driving offenses, an officer will issue a citation and on the citation, it must specifically state what the individual is being charged with. Should the individual be charged with reckless driving, it will state reckless driving on the citation and the reasons to support it. Should the charge be simply speeding the amount will be reflective of the amount of the speed above the legal limit and the charge will specifically be marked as speeding with an explanation to exactly how it was measured.