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Bucks County Reckless Driving Penalties

If you have been accused of endangering others while operating a vehicle, contact a skilled reckless driving attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can help you prepare a strong defense for the potential Bucks County reckless driving penalties you could face.

Classifying the Severity of Reckless Driving

In Bucks County, reckless driving is among the most serious of all driving offenses. These are the types of offenses that even a plea of guilty must be heard before a court. An individual cannot be cited for reckless driving and merely pay a fine and not go to court; it is a mandatory court hearing. The courts want to hear what happened and why it happened.

Under those circumstances, reckless driving can carry anything from a fine or reduced sentenced as a result of a plea to a lesser charge in traffic or incarceration to anything in between. Reckless driving is among the most serious of all driving offenses in Bucks County. In most cases, it is coupled with a criminal offense.

Can a Ticket be Paid Through the Mail?

In all cases when charged with reckless driving, a ticket cannot be paid by mail in Bucks County. These are required court appearance tickets. An individual can go to court, plead guilty, and face the consequences. However, they cannot plead guilty by mail and must make a court appearance to explain their actions. It is essential when charged with reckless driving that they do not attempt to handle this matter on their own. Having the ability to challenge such charges with the use of an experienced traffic lawyer can save their livelihood of driving, their license privileges and in some cases incarceration.

What are the Penalties for Reckless Driving?

Bucks County reckless driving penalties range anywhere from a mitigated sentence that is worked out by an attorney and the prosecution or judge all the way up to a case involving incarceration, because of more serious charges that follow along reckless driving. Most commonly, large fines and one-year license suspension come into play.

However, when dealing with more extreme cases such as DUI’s coupled with reckless driving or other criminal acts, reckless driving can make charges doubled and/or tripled based upon the circumstances of a particular case.

How Judges and Prosecutors Treat Reckless Operation of a Vehicle

Bucks County prosecutors and judges treat reckless driving in a manner consistent with the circumstances of a particular case. Reckless driving in and of itself is higher level than most speeding tickets and/or traffic violations. It is among the highest charge and is treated in such a way.

Prosecutors and judges as well as police find reckless driving charges serious. They put others in harm and put the driving defendant also at harm’s way. It is a privilege operating a motor vehicle, but operating in a way that puts others at risk of harm because their actions, regardless of whether a person is speeding or not, is among the highest penalized cases in Bucks County. Contacting an attorney can be critical considering the potential severity of Bucks County reckless driving penalties.