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Bucks County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Facing traffic violations can seem daunting without the help of a Bucks County speeding ticket lawyer. An experienced traffic attorney could help you collect evidence to combat the machines and testimony of the charge law enforcement is accusing you of.

How Law Enforcement Determines Speed

Officers in Bucks County can use a number of methods to determine the speed of a moving motor vehicle. Any sort of instruments, usually scientific, that can detect the speed of a vehicle are often attached to patrol cars in Bucks County and/or include handheld devices, which officers can point in the direction.

Police in Bucks County often will follow vehicles and create time method that they are trained in. They can determine within a five miles per hour measurement if any motor vehicle infractions are taking place when it comes to speeding for the vehicle they are following.

What Is Not Considered Sufficient Evidence for Speeding Offenses?

For most courts in Bucks County, merely eyeing a vehicle without any scientific evidence is not sufficient to meet the burden of more likely than not an individual is speeding or traveling above the speed limit. Patrols take place from areas with markings on roads and those roads must be marked with signs to indicate to drivers that such aerial speed monitoring has taken place.

In those cases, a vehicle will be marked at a particular speed by an aircraft of some sort. At the end of a marking, timing will take place. Police will determine at the end of the timing whether or not an individual was speeding. Police use more modern technology to make determinations of whether a motor vehicle is exceeding the required speeding limit.

Contesting Bucks County Speeding Tickets

Depending on the vehicle that a driver is operating, some vehicles monitor their own speed with an internal computer system. In those cases, if those computer systems were accessible, they can be used by the attorneys representing individuals who challenge speeding tickets.

Should police use scientific methods which have not been calibrated or maintained in the proper fashion, machines such as radar machines or speed instruments, can be determined to be inaccurate. A Bucks County speeding ticket lawyer can help someone prove that because of a lack of documentation, the officer’s speeding claim is unfounded and cannot be proven. Thus, individuals will be found not responsible for exceeding the speed limit.

Lastly, when police make human observations solely, those observations can often be challenged by experienced Bucks County traffic attorneys. Thus, upon introducing one zone statement that the person was not speeding at the time of operating a motor vehicle, reasonable doubt can be raised, which lead to an acquittal of any and all speeding charges.

How an Attorney Can Help Fight Traffic Violations

A Bucks County speeding ticket lawyer has the ability to negotiate tickets which can be otherwise non-defendable in court. They can help you try to find scientific evidence corroborating your defense in order to help convince the court you should not be held responsible for this offense. An attorney could assist in reducing the exposure that a person has to losing the ability to drive their vehicle, and affording their vehicle through insurance.