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Bucks County Speeding Detection

When maintained and calibrated properly, traffic radar instruments used for Bucks County speeding detection are typically accepted by the courts. When they have not been tested regularly and have not met the standard for maintenance required by the statute, those devices are no longer viable and cannot be used in a criminal and/or traffic proceeding. An experienced speeding attorney can help you determine whether this was a factor impacting your case.

What Are the Most Common Speeding Detection Tools

The most prominent Bucks County speeding detection tools are radar guns used by police in a handheld fashion or monthly police cruisers to determine a vehicle’s speed. These instruments, through the use of radar device, can upon making contact with a moving vehicle develop a general speed limit radius for the vehicle.

When a radar gun is used, it fires out a beam which hits a moving object such as a vehicle and comes back with a scientifically registered speed limit for vehicle. In that case, radar guns are used, police chase cars, and then they make an appropriate stop based upon that radar.

What is the Role of Law Enforcement Officers in Helicopters?

Aerial police for the use of specialized planes or helicopters can measure speed limit for markings on major highways throughout Bucks County. When such mechanisms are used, timing and/or visual observations are recorded.

Other police cars at the end of such surveillance will often make stops based upon the accuracy and the reading from the aerial helicopters and/or planes to determine whether or not a vehicle exceeded the speed limit.

What is the Impact of a Radar Reading as Evidence in Court?

Bucks County speeding detection and radar readings by aerial aircraft are often treated in a scientific fashion. That is, in most cases, science plays a role. Whether or not the instruments have been properly maintained and calibrated comes into play. Should the instruments have been tested properly and/or maintained in a proper fashion, then courts generally find them mostly accurate.

Thus, when challenging certain readings by scientific evidence, such as radar guns or aerial measurements, it is essential that a person obtains the services of an experienced Bucks County traffic attorney. The attorney has the ability with their own resources to challenge the evidence through the maintenance records and calibration of the instruments being used to determine whether or not a vehicle has been speeding. Without such, it is nearly always accepted by the court and often will lead to guilty verdicts when challenging speeding citations in Bucks County.

Average Accuracy of Traffic Radar Instruments

Challenging the type of Bucks County speeding detection, radar gun, aerial pursue, and/or blind eye measurement could be beneficial to the outcome of your case. by challenging specific avenues in which the police are charging a speeding violation and by arguing to the court that certain specifications have not been met then the percent of accuracy can be reduced, leading to acquittals in speeding charges. Otherwise, devices that are properly maintained and scientifically accepted in courts based on their reputation of accuracy.