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Bucks County Speeding Penalties

Depending on the speed, the Bucks County speeding penalties could be as small as a fine or up to a $5,000, incarceration, and/or license suspension. Speeding could possibly suspend one’s license and impact that person economically as a result. Having an experienced speeding ticket lawyer by your side when challenging speeding tickets could be considered essential to protecting one’s rights.

What Should a Driver Expect After a Speeding Ticket?

Drivers should expect to obtain either a citation in person or in the mail. They have to answer such citation either by pleading guilty and mailing a fine amount specified on the ticket or by pleading not guilty.  The accused should expect their hearing to be held in magisterial justice court to determine whether or not an individual is speeding or to mitigate speeding charges that that individual is facing.

Types of Speeding Offenses

The actual issuances of speeding tickets in Bucks County involve two methods. The first method is on site citation given by police at the time of the infraction. That is police make a stop, indicate to the driver what the speeding was, and write what is commonly known as the ticket. That ticket is then presented to the driver, the driver can later plead guilty or not guilty, and can later have a hearing, if so desired.

The second means of issuance of a ticket for speeding is after an accident and/or criminal act, such as DUI. Often tickets will be either joined with the criminal action and appear on a criminal complaint or mailed independently to an individual even after the event. Regardless of how the citations arrive, a guilty or not guilty plea must be made prior to a hearing being held.

Associated Consequences for Speeding

Most Bucks County speeding penalties involve license suspension, points upon one’s license, and/or an individual’s insurance rates being made greater as a result of the conviction. Being able to operate a motor vehicle again on the roads will be very difficult should a person obtain another speeding ticket in the future, thus additional points to one’s license, which could later end in a suspension of up to a year.

Speeding tickets are taken very seriously and the ramifications of guilty pleas or convictions to high amounts above the speed limit have severe consequences. Fighting a speeding ticket successfully through acquittal or mitigating a speeding ticket to a low number above the speeding limit is always first and foremost in defending speeding tickets.

Help From a Lawyer

Before facing Bucks County speeding penalties, the individual should consider discussing their case with a lawyer. Speeding ticket lawyers can help by advising individuals of the proper way to defend a speeding ticket. An attorney could be helpful by advising individuals on how to defend a ticket in a manner that can be consistent with their desired outcome.