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Bucks County Traffic Stop Process

Not only it is crucial to understand your rights during a traffic stop, but also to know how to deal with the officer who is pulling you over. Conducting yourself in a respectful manner without compromising your constitutional rights is important. For more information regarding the Bucks County traffic stop process, contact an experienced traffic attorney.

What to do When Seeing Patrol Lights in the Rearview Mirror

When someone sees patrol lights in their review mirror or hears sirens, they are required by law to pull their vehicle over at the first available, safe location. While pulling over, the individual should put their vehicle’s flashers on. Once the driver has stopped their vehicle in a safe location, they should stay in their vehicle and make no sudden movements while the police are reviewing the circumstance of the traffic stop. Once the police exit their vehicle and approach the operator’s car, the officer may give commands on what they request.

An individual should follow the commands and provide paperwork to the police to corroborate that they are operating a motor vehicle legally within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These are all essential steps someone needs to take during the Bucks County traffic stop process, even if they believed they did not commit a traffic violation. In all traffic cases, an individual could challenge a traffic stop by obtaining an accomplished attorney.

Pulling Over When the Road has no Shoulder

In cases where a safe spot to pull over is not available, the driver should reduce the speed of their vehicle, follow their common sense, and find a viable location to pull their car over. As long as the driver is not attempting to elude police, they are in compliance with any request by police. Should the officer give a verbal command to pull over to a specific place, the driver should comply.

Where to Put Hands When an Officer Approaches the Vehicle

During the Bucks County traffic stop process, it is important for the driver to know that their hands should be in the vehicle and in a place that is visible to an oncoming police officer. A driver’s hands should be visible to the officer so they can see that there is nothing in driver’s hands. This is a safety requirement and allows the operator, passengers, and law enforcement to feel safe during the stop. Allowing police to make requests of an operator is appropriate given the circumstance, so a driver should not move their hands without being requested to do so by the officer. Once an officer views the entire motor vehicle and makes a request that requires the operator to obtain information, like insurance and registration, they may move their hands to get it in a slow manner.

If you have any more questions regarding traffic stops, you should contact a seasoned lawyer in Bucks County. An accomplished attorney is going to be able to provide you with the necessary advice to help you keep your driving record clean.