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Steps During Bucks County Traffic Stops

It is crucial for all drivers to know what are the proper steps during Bucks County traffic stops are to take. By following these steps, you can avoid escalating the situation between you and the police. Even if you believe you did not commit a traffic violation, it is essential to act in a respectful manner towards the officer. An experienced lawyer can assist you with any disputes you have with the charge. For more information about how to conduct yourself during a traffic stop, read on.

Initial Procedures to Follow

There are certain procedures every driver should take when they are stopped by the police. The operator of a motor vehicle should do nothing more than comply with requests by police. Upon being stopped, the police officer first requests an individual to stay in the vehicle. Second, the officer asks the driver to identify themselves at the driver side window. Should the driver side or passenger windows be rolled up, the police often request for the windows to be rolled down.

Most of the time, the officer requires the person to obtain their driver’s license, registration for the vehicle, and proof of insurance. Once the officer makes the request, the officer watches the individual and follows their patterns while they obtain the information. An individual should make any sudden movements without the request of police.

Expectations After Handing Over Insurance and License Registration

After drivers give their insurance and license registration to the police and a citation is issued, drivers should expect the police to indicate what the traffic stop is over and that the individual is free to continue operating their motor vehicle. In most cases, the officer returns to their vehicle and allows the driver who was pulled over to get back on the roadway and continue on their journey. They may aid in this process if necessary.

Complying With the Officer

Complying with the police in a reasonable manner is an important step during Bucks County traffic stops. A driver should not request any information from police when they are pulled over during a motor vehicle stop. If not told by the officer, a driver may ask why they were pulled over. An officer may answer the question or issue the citation. Once an officer makes a request for the proper paperwork and the person has any questions about what to do, they may ask the police officer at that time. As long as what they are asking or requesting is done in an appropriate and normal fashion, most motor vehicle stops go smoothly.

Questions a Driver Should Expect

During a motor vehicle stop, the discussion that the driver and the officer encounter is about obtaining general information that a driver is required to have. Other questions, such as the ownership of the vehicle, if it is not the operator’s, may also be requested. The driver may ask the officer the reason for the stop and the officer should indicate what the violation was, such as a blinker, a speeding, or a careless driving violation.

After this conversation, an individual is no longer required to answer any questions without being advised by their attorney. Should an officer request the person to answer questions like where they are coming from and what they were doing, are not required or recommended to be answered. Asserting one’s rights is essential, even at a motor vehicle stop, to avoid another possible crime based on a person’s statement against their self-interest.

If you have any more questions regarding the steps during Bucks County traffic stops, contact an attorney.