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Penalties for Bucks County Traffic Infractions

All traffic infractions are treated in a serious fashion throughout Bucks County, and often hold consequences. Certain penalties for Bucks County traffic infractions may include jail time or large fines with license suspensions. Each specific traffic violation, in and of itself, could carry different consequences.

Speaking with a Bucks County traffic lawyer may be a good step to take when dealing with potential issues regarding a traffic violation. Contact a driven traffic attorney as soon as possible to begin building your defense and protecting your rights.

Common Penalties for Bucks County Traffic Infractions

Traffic infractions could vary based upon the offense. For some violations, an individual could face up to 90 days of incarceration, license suspension, and/or fines. Activities like reckless driving, drag racing, and things of that nature, all could carry fines and points on a license. An individual charged with a traffic offense could see the charge reduced to a minimal fine, sometimes as low as $25 while, in other cases, traffic offenses could carry 90 days’ incarceration with a $5,000-fine.

When an individual is charged or ticketed for a motor vehicle infraction in Bucks County, it is essential that they seek the advice of an experienced Bucks County traffic attorney. By doing this, an individual could understand the consequences and weigh their options, such as a plea deal. These potential penalties for Bucks County traffic infractions could range anywhere from a minimal fine all the way up to an incarceration sentence. Knowing the consequences and understanding the traffic laws could come in to play for a defendant.

Why Are Most People Stopped for Traffic Violations?

Bucks County law enforcement patrols take traffic violations seriously and are vigilant of certain infractions such as speed. Patrols may also carry out random DUI and registration checks. Random stops for DUI and random stops for registration checks may be very common.

Are Traffic Infractions Considered Misdemeanors or Felonies?

In Bucks County, offenses regarding 15-43B may be penalized harshly, as this refers to a driving with a suspended or revoked license. While it is not considered a misdemeanor, it is considered a high-graded summary offense, and that is the highest traffic infraction currently in the State of Pennsylvania. All other serious traffic infractions such as DUI, vehicular homicide or manslaughter all involve the criminal code of Pennsylvania.

Since they are criminal infractions they may be treated by the criminal courts, not the traffic courts which are divided and separated because of the severity of certain charges. There are no such traffic infractions in Pennsylvania that are considered a felony. All traffic infractions that could be raised to the level of a felony may be treated as criminal felonies. Offenses such as these could be dealt with in a court of common pleas criminal court of Bucks County.

Contacting a Bucks County Traffic Attorney

Dealing with a traffic infraction that you feel may not be warranted could be very frustrating. By gaining the help of someone who may know the interworkings of Pennsylvania traffic law, you could help to build a strong case. Reach out to a skilled traffic attorney today to help curtail potential penalties for Bucks County traffic infractions.