Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal and State Crimes in Chester County

If a person is the target of a federal investigation and the matter is taken over by the federal court, the consequences are much more significant than any local court. The periods of incarceration and penalties are almost triple, the fines are more than doubled, and the consequences of not being prepared at the early stages come into play even at the outset.

If an individual is charged and the target of an investigation that otherwise can be handled by the federal court, it is essential they seek out the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A person can be assured that their rights are being protected at the earliest stages of either their federal or state crime in Chester County, and that any possibility of a favorable outcome can be met at the earliest time and at the earliest point.

Federal Crime Charges

An individual may be charged in local, state, or federal court in Pennslyvania. Depending on the particular crime and the jurisdiction of the court, that is, which court had the ability to hear a particular matter, under certain facts, a matter can be heard either locally or otherwise under federal jurisdiction. If a matter is heard in federal jurisdiction, the matter is often heard in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, or Scranton for the northeastern part of the state.

Other federal jurisdictions are also covered. If a matter is taken federally, that is, a crime has been committed perhaps against a federal employee or a white-collar crime has been committed against a business, a federal government prosecution often arises. Once that comes into play, an individual may be charged by indictment, by a grand jury or by a complaint.

Crimes Considered Federal

Federal crimes are the type of crimes that are charged involving large amounts of controlled substances, which are violations of the federal pact as well as local pacts, or cases involving racketeering, illegal enterprise, and other white-collar types of crimes such as invasion or crimes involving businesses and the loss of funds through securities and businesses. Additionally, the federal point court has joint jurisdiction over many types of cases it feels are necessary and are connected in some way to the federal government. Medicare or Medicaid fraud cases and prescription cases involving the FDA are often adopted.

In most cases, it is the severity of the crime and the dollar amount involved that causes the matter to be federally-adopted. Cases can be dually prosecuted in both local and federal court simultaneously. However, it is always to the benefit of an individual to have a matter heard in local court first. A matter can be heard in multiple jurisdictions. However, once the federal government becomes involved, it is essential to have an attorney, experienced, and well-versed so their best interests can be taken into account and the best potential outcome can be had.

Difference Between a Federal and a State Crime

Essentially, any differences between a federal crime and a state crime in Chester County are limited to, in some cases, the type of volume of the crime as well as the person targeted in the crime. First and foremost, all crimes involving federal employees, such as attacks on federal officers, attacks on postwomen and men, are the types of crimes that are handled primarily by the federal government. Local jurisdiction comes into play but the federal government often takes these cases and they become much more severe.

Additionally, the types of crimes that occur on federal property and federal lands are often prosecuted, because of jurisdiction, by the federal court. Racketeering in large operations, criminal in nature, are often adopted by the federal court because of their complexity, the number of individuals and the favorable law that US attorneys have over local prosecutors, so the federal government provides the base of what protections are offered to an individual, while most states offer much more protections.

It is more beneficial in most cases that an individual is prosecuted by a US attorney. It is beneficial to the government to have matters in federal court because of the less-stringent laws and higher penalties for such cases. When the comparison between federal crimes and state or local crimes in Chester County comes into play, these crimes share one commonality of criminal activity. It is the adoption and magnitude that is often much greater in the federal court system, the penalties are much higher, and the exposure is much greater.

Criminal Process

The processes between Chantilly state and federal crimes can differ substantially depending on the jurisdiction of the court and the locality of the particular crime or local rules. Localities involving state and local prosecutions depend on local and state rules that govern how a case proceeds throughout the court system. Knowing the local rules of any particular jurisdiction is essential in being a strong defense attorney who can effectively represent their potentital client.

As such, knowing how local, federal courts deal with crime, deal with discovery measures, and the court system is also essential. Having the experience of appearing in federal courts and knowing hundreds of federal judges only ensures that an individual’s rights are protected, their case is given the most prudent defense possible, and any positive resolution of any case can be had.