Criminal Defense Attorney

Chester County Federal Criminal Process

The Chester County federal criminal process can be difficult to navigate alone, which is why a lawyer could be an invaluable asset. For example, an experienced legal advocate knows that an individual with no prior record can often see guidelines for federal cases in the area of 15 years or more, even for a first offense. This simply lets the individual know the severity of the crime and how they must take steps from the very outset to make sure their lives, their livelihood, their reputations and their futures are protected. The best way to achieve this outcome is by hiring a skilled federal criminal defense attorney who can begin from the very outset to work out the best result possible.

Difference Between Federal and State Offenses

The Chester County federal criminal process differs depending on the jurisdiction. It is essential to have an experienced defense lawyer with connections to both the local courts as well as federal jurisdiction courts. It is with this experience and understanding of the inner workings of both courts that can lead to a determination of where a particular case is best heard.

In Pennsylvania, differences between the federal court and local courts are like the differences between apples and oranges. Federal courts do not have preliminary hearings and most cases are prosecuted by complaint, by grand jury and/or probable cause hearings which merely are hearings that often lead to the detention of individuals.

Local courts allow a lot more leniency when it comes to knowledge of a particular offense prior to trial. That is, in local courts in local jurisdictions, discovery and/or police reports are available at a much earlier time. In some cases, these materials are protected and not even available until a week or two before trial.

Investigation of Federal Offenses

If a person suspects that both the federal government and local government are looking into particular crimes and he or she may be the target or a target. It is essential to get an attorney immediately. Any statement to an FBI or a federal agent that is made falsely by an accused is charged as lying to the FBI. That charge in and of itself can carry a sentence of approximately 22 months in jail.

For instance, it is the difference between a long incarceration sentence, no sentence whatsoever in an acquittal and a much smaller sentence. So, in all cases, whether it is local and/or federal, it is essential to have the right attorney as soon as an individual has any knowledge of a case that has the potential to be filed against them and/or involve them.

Value of a Chester County Federal Criminal Attorney

Federal cases are much more serious than people may think and require a solid and thorough defense. Criminal defense attorneys must be able to, in federal cases, work quickly, efficiently with knowledge of the Chester County federal criminal process. There is no room for mistakes and there is no room for a learning curve.

If an attorney does not have the right knowledge and/or skills to handle cases mutually in both state and federal courts, then that is most likely not the best choice to handle a potentially serious matter.  Any mistake made by a lawyer or defendant can lead to a federal prosecution, which ultimately leads to federal detention and/or long incarceration sentences. If you face charges for a federal offense, speak with a determined federal defense lawyer that could defend you and guide you through the trial process.