Chester County Gun Laws

Individuals who wish to carry firearms for their own protection and carry such firearms outside of their place of abode or business need to have such a license. There are certain regulations to be aware of before carrying a gun or buying a gun. Having a clear understanding of gun laws in Chester County is very important for a gun owner. If charged with illegal possession of a firearm, having the support from a Chester County gun lawyer is also crucial for a case.

Gun Regulations

A person in Chester County should be aware when dealing with gun laws that first and foremost a license to carry is mandatory if a person wishes to carry a concealed firearm or a firearm in a vehicle. Under those circumstances, a permit to carry a concealed weapon is mandatory and requires an application made to the local police departments and then proved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania state-wide.

Even though an individual purchases and registers their firearm appropriately, it does not give them the right to carry a concealed firearm or carry it in a vehicle which encompasses almost all kinds of firearms being moved and/or used. Thus, individuals need to be aware that merely purchasing a firearm, registering it and owning it in and of itself does not give them the right to possess it in certain areas. The only way to protect an individual is to obtain the license to carry a concealed weapon so that at all times they can present such registration and/or identification to police and thus, will likely not be prosecuted for possession of such firearm.

Missing Gun Permits

In Chester County, one of the requirements to having a license to carry is to make sure that at all times when the firearm is on that person that they do carry such a permit to carry so that they can let the law enforcement know that they have it. In cases where they are unable to provide such identification, they should immediately let law enforcement know and thus require them to do a search with law enforcement for such license to carry number and/or identification. However, in any traffic stop where an individual is stopped and does not have their license to carry although they have their firearm, in most cases, they will be charged, taken into custody and only later when it is discovered that they are actually legal to carry such firearm would they be released. So, they should have it with them at all times.

Strict Enforcement

In Chester County, being a rural county of Pennsylvania, the gun laws can be enforced in one of two ways. For those who are otherwise eligible to have a firearm, the gun laws seem rather simplistic and less offensive when dealing with crimes that they would with the rest of the counties in the United States. However, when dealing with individuals unauthorized to have such firearms such as convicted felons, those without a license to carry, those otherwise prevented because of mental disability and/or physical disability, Chester County like many other conservative areas treats guns in a very harsh manner. Therefore, those who are allowed to have guns are treated less harshly while those with guns are often treated to the maximum penalties.

Ammunition Considerations

The sale and purchase of ammunition in Chester County is governed by laws and regulations for gun shops and/or the transfer of ammunition. The ammunition can be purchased legally by legal gun owners at gun shops throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and particularly in Chester County.

Specific types of the ammunition may be barred depending on local ordinances or local statutes as well as the amount a person can purchase at a given time. However, other than that, ammunitions for any legal firearm can be purchased throughout Chester County for any reason as long as the firearm purchased is also legal.

Any person that legally possesses a firearm, meaning a firearm that is registered or that is held in their home or place of business, or a person who has a license to carry a concealed weapon on their person or their vehicle, can purchase the ammunition at any time for any such firearm that they own. There are no restrictions on legal ammunition in the state of Pennsylvania.

Consult with a Chester County Gun Lawyer

If you are purchasing or own a gun, it is important to have a consultation with a Chester County gun lawyer. Determining if any Chester County gun laws are being violated or if you are in illegal possession of a firearm is an important step to avoid charges. An individual can seek an experienced Chester County gun lawyer to obtain information directly related to firearms.

Additionally, they can check out statewide websites defining under 61-06 and Section 61-05 respectively the requirements for such firearms and/or permits. Under both areas, an individual can research what’s required for firearm permits and what’s not allowed when a permit has not been obtained. The best source is always the individuals that deal with gun cases on a daily basis.