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Process of Legal Possession of a Firearm in Chester County

The process for acquiring a gun permit and a firearm to carry is a requirement that is not just set by the county but in particular unified throughout the entire state. In all locations other than the city of Pittsburgh and the city of Philadelphia, all other counties have consistent rules in regard to obtaining such a license to carry or transport a concealed firearm in a vehicle. A Chester County gun lawyer will be able to answer questions regarding requirements for the process of legal possession of a firearm in Chester County.

Constitutional Rights

A person has a constitutional right to possess a firearm under the right circumstances in any state. The only requirement is that the person purchase the firearm legally or that they inherit such a firearm.

The items should be handled with the utmost care and in a fashion consistent with the law. A person does not have a right to commit a crime under any circumstance with the use of a firearm, whether legally obtained or not.

In short, citizens have a constitutional right to purchase and possess a firearm. However, if they wish to carry it concealed on their person or in a vehicle in the state of Pennsylvania, they must obtain an additional permit for such.


The applicable rules require the following:

  • Full background checks of an individual
  • No prior record
  • No mental health and/or physical disabilities

In addition, a person must prove or state letters of reference, character references, and the reason why such a permit is required in all applications. Once the applications are reviewed, a state board will determine whether a person is entitled to a concealed carry weapons permit or not.

Behavior to Avoid

First and foremost, a person should avoid committing a crime at all times, as well as getting into a violent altercation or any sort of circumstance that police would be called to.

Additionally, should someone carrying a firearm in their vehicle be stopped by police, they ought to notify the officer immediately of the firearm in order to avoid any other consequences that can arise out of police stumbling upon a firearm in a vehicle.

The same policy applies when the police investigate an individual at their home or business: notify them immediately that a firearm is a present so that no other circumstances arise from the discovery.

Necessary Documentation

If a person legally possesses firearms in Chester County, they should always carry proof of ownership in order to indicate:

  • That they  were brought legally
  • That they are registered with the appropriate police department

However, there is no requirement if a person does not have such a license. For instance, if a person merely purchases firearms and does so legally. It is important to note that if someone is merely using the firearm to protect their place of abode, their home or their commercial business, then the individual need not obtain a carry permit and need not have documentation on their person showing that their guns are legal.

However, when a carry permit comes into play–that is, an individual wishes to carry a firearm on their person concealed or in a vehicle–then they must carry the permit with them at all times. The paperwork for the firearm itself is not required unless asked for, and can be provided at a later time.

How An Attorney Can Help

Possession laws vary from state to state, and it is important to be aware of the specific requirements necessary in the process of legal possession of a firearm in Chester County. A Chester County gun lawyer will be able to clarify and explain local laws, as well as defend you should you breach those boundaries and be charged.