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Getting a traffic ticket ruins your day, but it can also do much more than that. Too many tickets can result in the suspension of your driver’s license. A ticket can also raise insurance rates, making premiums more difficult to afford. Even worse, if you are unable to come to court to deal with your ticket, you could end up with a warrant for your arrest. You need to know how to respond to reduce the chances of these adverse consequences affecting you. A Montgomery County traffic lawyer can help you after you receive a citation from an officer for a traffic offense.

Traffic Ticket Laws in Montgomery County, PA

The PA Vehicle Code is found in Title 75. The Vehicle Code establishes rules for everything from licensing to vehicle registration to traffic safety laws. A violation of provisions of this code can result in a citation or, in some cases, can result in being charged with a criminal offense.

Some of the different behaviors that may require contact with a Montgomery County traffic lawyer include:

  • Improper passing on the right (Pennsylvania Vehicle Code Section 3304)
  • Tailgating or following too closely behind another motorist (Code Section 3310)
  • Failure to stop for a stop sign or at a yield sign (Code Section 3323)
  • Illegal U-turns (Code Section 3332)
  • Driving too fast for the current conditions of the road (Code Section 3361)
  • Exceeding a posted speed limit (Code Section 3362)
  • Exceeding the speed limit in a school zone (Code Section 3365)

If you receive a citation for these and other offenses, you can pay the required fine. However, this is an admission that you are guilty of this offense. It triggers driver’s license points, which in turn could jeopardize your license and raise insurance rates.  You have other options to consider before just paying the fine, including defending yourself in court to try to avoid conviction for a citation.

Penalties for Traffic Ticket Violations

In addition to a fine, each moving violation has a set number of points given. For example,

  • Exceeding a school zone speed limit results in three license points.
  • Failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk results in two points.
  • Careless driving results in three points.
  • Leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident in which only property damage occurred results in four points.

The first time that you receive six points on your license, you will receive written notification and must complete an examination. You have 30 days to pass the exam, after which two points are taken off your driving record.

A second accumulation of six points will require you to attend a DMV hearing. This hearing can lead to either a 15-day suspension of your license, or to an on-road driver’s education course.  A third or subsequent accumulation of six points will also lead to a hearing, the outcome of which could involve a 30-day license suspension.

Some offenses, such as speeding more than 31 miles per hour or failing to stop for a school bus with flashing lights, will result in an automatic license suspension even for a first offense, making it even more important that a Montgomery County traffic lawyer is contacted right away.

Additionally, if you are charged under section 1543(b) of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, driving while DUI suspended you face a minimum of 90 days incarceration. So traffic charges can lead to hefty fines, license suspension and even incarceration.

How a Montgomery County Traffic Lawyer Can Help

A Montgomery County traffic lawyer can help you understand the potential consequences of your traffic citation and can assist you in determining your options.  In some cases, you can fight against a license suspension or you can go to court and argue you did not commit a violation.

There are some situations when you could find yourself facing very serious legal problems related to a traffic offense. If you are charged with drunk driving, for example, this is a crime that could result in jail time. If you do not show up for any hearing on a traffic ticket and a judge issues a bench warrant for your arrest, you could be taken into police custody at any time. If you find yourself coping with one of these situations, it becomes even more important to get legal help.

A Montgomery County traffic lawyer can provide representation as you deal with whatever legal issues you are facing. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more.