When someone from out of state wants to challenge a ticket or have a hearing, they should send a notice immediately. Traffic violations can carry significant penalties and enough points on one’s license can lead to a suspension.

Fortunately, a Montgomery County tickets for out-of-state drivers lawyer could advocate for you and help you understand your options. An experienced traffic attorney could build a defense to mitigate your penalties or get the ticket thrown out.

How Does Montgomery County Treat Traffic Offenses Differently?

In Montgomery County and the rest of Pennsylvania, the points one receives on their license and the penalties may differ from other states. For instance, a traffic offense that may be a three-point offense in New York could be a four-point offense in Montgomery County. If it is a state that does not use a point system or does not reciprocate points with other states, the offense might carry no points and just a fine that is assessed. It is dependent state by state, but the penalty as far as points to their license may vary.

Contesting a Ticket with the Help of a Lawyer

A tickets for out-of-state drivers lawyer in Montgomery County could help an individual know what defenses are applicable to their case. Also, an experienced attorney could litigate a defense in court by calling witnesses and cross-examining the stopping officer.  They can also do investigations and other activities that are local such as taking pictures of the scene if there was an accident, for example.

The Impact of the Lack of Knowledge of Traffic Laws on Penalties

It is imperative to understand that the lack of knowledge of the law is not a defense in Montgomery County. Drivers are bound by applicable laws even if they are from out of the state.

That being said, an out-of-state driver who does not know the local traffic laws could argue for a reduced penalty. If there is not a mandatory penalty, they can ask for the minimum penalty based on lack of knowledge. There are certain laws that might be relevant to their case that they might not know about them, such as, in Pennsylvania, drivers will generally not be found guilty for going one to five miles over the speed limit. For help with mitigating penalties, contact a Montgomery County tickets for out-of-state drivers attorney.

What to Expect from Traffic Violations

People should know that some traffic tickets can have serious repercussions. Some offenses can have mandatory jail sentences and a significant fine. The individual should look up what they are charged with on each and every citation as soon as they are arrested to see if they want to challenge any or all of them before deciding that they are not going to challenge them or pay the fine.

How a Montgomery County Tickets for Out-of-State Drivers Attorney Could Help

Traffic violations can lead to long-term consequences, which can impact your driving privileges. If you are from out of state and have been charged with a traffic offense, call today. Let a Montgomery County tickets for out-of-state drivers lawyer be your legal advocate.