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Alternative Sentencing For Drug Crimes in Pennsylvania

If you are facing drug charges in Pennsylvania, you may be wondering if there are programs, classes, or probation that are offered as alternative sentencing. To learn more about alternative sentencing for PA drug cases or to speak with a qualified attorney, call our team today.

Is Pennsylvania Known For its Tough Penalties When it Comes to Drug Offenses?

Pennsylvania’s penalties are among the stiffest for narcotics offenses in the country. As Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are seen as gateways for the introduction of certain controlled substances, the biggest forces on communities surround the two major cities.

These two major cities are the focus of most of the state’s narcotics efforts and most of the state’s narcotics agents in trying to control the flow of narcotics through Pennsylvania.

Are There Any Options For an Individual Facing a Drug Charge to Enroll in Pre-trial Programs or Any Alternative Sentencing Options That Could Help Their Case?

In Pennsylvania and more specifically in Philadelphia, at the forefront, there are individuals in pre-trial programs to treat addiction and to prevent first time offenders from suffering the consequences of a conviction on their future. In place is a Philadelphia drug treatment court, the ARD program for first time offenders, the AMP one and AMP two programs located statewide and the intermediate punishment or IP program, also a statewide program. These programs exist to treat both first time drug offenders as well as repeat drug offenders who may be repeating because of concerns over addictions.

What Are The Rules and Regulations For These Programs?

There are benefits specifically involved with each of these programs. An experienced drug lawyer should be aware of the consequences and requirements of each to assist their clients. The requirements often change based upon federal, state and local funding as well as law changes. As a result it’s required that all drug attorneys and participants in programs stay up to date on any changes. The best way to do so is to have an experienced lawyer to give out proper advice so that a person can successfully complete any of these programs and protect their record.

How Do the Judges in Pennsylvania Treat Drug Cases?

The Pennsylvania Courts like prosecutors treat narcotics cases as the gateway to more serious crimes. So they are often carrying harsh sentences. However, because treatment and rehabilitation are always an option, only after all reasonable options had been exhausted do the Courts consistently sentence above the guidelines for repeat offenders who use and sell drugs.

Why is Hiring An Attorney With Local Experience in Pennsylvania Important For a Drug Case?

It is the most important thing to do. In order to maneuver in the Pennsylvania courts, an accused needs an experienced narcotics attorney. Without an experienced drug lawyer an accused will not be made aware of consequences of a conviction or any real pre-trial alternatives.

It is like trying to navigate the entire ocean in a small rowboat. The facts of each case affect their outcome and the circumstances affect the person’s ability to be accepted into a pre-trial program. Without proper advice, navigation is impossible.