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Pennsylvania Drug Crime Investigations

If you have been accused of a drug-related offense in Pennsylvania, it’s important to understand how the authorities collect evidence for your case, and how police investigations may play a role in your trial. Our team of skilled drug lawyers can work with you if you or a loved one are under investigation.

Are Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Officers Attempting to Crack Down on Drug Charges and Offenses?

Because drug offenses are perceived to be the cause of more serious crimes such as assault and murder, drug crimes are treated more harshly as a preventative measure by law enforcement.

In What Ways Has Pennsylvania Been Cracking Down on Drug Offenses?

Pennsylvania special narcotics police officers along with local FBI and DEA agents have begun to share information in order to better prosecute drug cases. With harsh sentences, more investigations and physical evidence, they have created an all-out war on narcotics sales and possession.

In What Ways Are Drug Cases Typically Investigated in Pennsylvania?

Drug cases are investigated by means of the use of surveillance equipment, K-9 detection, drug informants, confidential buyers, and special narcotics investigation units which include local, state, and federal investigators working together.

As mentioned earlier, specialized narcotics police officers and local forces, narcotics detectives, FBI agents, DEA agents, and the state police all have units working in Pennsylvania that are devoted to the investigation of drug crimes.

Which Agencies Are Involved in Investigating Drug Cases in Pennsylvania?

More specifically to Pennsylvania, local specialized narcotics field units, local units comprised of narcotics detectives, FBI agents, DEA drug agents, and the state police, all have units working in Pennsylvania and often working together to prosecute drug crimes.

Why Do Clients Choose to Work With You in Their Pennsylvania Drug Case?

My clients choose me because they believe I have their best interest at heart at all times. From conducting pre-arrest investigations to going to trial on the most serious cases I am there to assist them in making all the right decisions.

For two decades, I’ve tried thousands of drug cases and I’ve even served as an advisor to certain pre-trial drug programs. Very few lawyers can handle a drug case like my firm. We have the resources, knowledge, and influence to defend our clients in the most vigorous fashion.

The prosecutors work hard to prosecute drug offenders and we work even harder to make sure in the end all is done to achieve the best result for our clients.