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Sentencing in Philadelphia Campus Sexual Misconduct Cases

Serious penalties and consequences are common when it comes to sentencing in Philadelphia campus sexual misconduct cases. Sentencing usually occurs by the honor board member, the dean of the school, and anyone else that is involved in the hearing decision. The Disciplinary Board for the school will hand out the punishment for the defendant. Depending on the facts of the case, the defendant could also be facing criminal charges as well.

If you are facing sexual misconduct allegations, you should consult with an experienced attorney right away. A dedicated student sexual misconduct lawyer could advocate for you.

Preparing for a Disciplinary Hearing

There are numerous ways that a student defense attorney could help with preparing for a disciplinary hearing. They could prepare the witnesses, gather mitigating evidence, and collect proof that the student is a benefit to the school and community. They could pull examples of case law, negotiate for a resolution on behalf of the student, act as a go-between the school’s interests and the students, and bring with them their experience in past hearings on what to expect for each type of charge.

Sexual Misconduct Penalties

Sentencing in Philadelphia campus sexual misconduct cases commonly lead to suspension or expulsion. They could be forced out of student housing. A campus sexual misconduct charge can have a severe impact on a defendant’s future.

Criminal charges can definitely follow even if someone has been penalized by the school and on campus. There could always be a second criminal action against them using some or all the same evidence that was presented in their school hearing.

Harsh Sentences in Sexual Misconduct Cases

Students, because of the low standards of evidence, can be found responsible for all manner of things that might not be proven in a different setting or criminal court. That includes statements on social media that cannot be adequately proven to be their statements. Those can be attributed to them as well as other hearsay statements that they may have said outside of the hearing or to another person who is not there to be cross-examined. In addition, in situations where the witness does not have to be present, they might only get the most summary and damning version of the events without the ability to have a lawyer cross-examine those events to reveal a different side of the story.

Appealing a Verdict

Appealing a verdict in a sex crime hearing may give the student a second chance to be heard on the merits and the facts of the case. However, it may not delay the sentence that they are given and they may have to serve the suspension or expulsion while awaiting their appeal to be heard. Speak with a knowledgeable attorney about appealing a verdict in a student sexual misconduct case.

How an Attorney Could Help

A seasoned attorney could provide mitigating evidence and witnesses for the defendant. A lawyer could help the student prepare for the hearing and stand by their side throughout the process. Also, the school may think twice about giving an unfair punishment if the student has an advocate on their behalf.

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